Update Of Sorts

Published July 2, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok sorry guys, I know that's been SO very long since the last time that I updated that don't be shocked if this a long entry.  I'll do my best to summarize about what's been going on as to not bore you with all the little details.  

Father's Day:

As some of you already know, father's day went well.  Went to Williams' resturant to have supper and we enjoyed our visit with my parents.  They were really good and only brought up Elizabeth once so that was nice and they never mentioned my sister at all which was even better.  I showed them my braclet “all my children have paws” because I am proud of it just like people whom have kids are proud of their kids.  My parents however didn't seem too excited but that's normal for my parents because they're still not accepting of me not wanting kids.  Oh well, I can't change their mind nor can they change my mind.

The food wasn't up to its normal standards and I didn't care to go there since the last time that we were there since after all we had bad service then or well no service at all.  But I made reservations because that's where my dad wanted to go.  The service was just as bad as the food, she wasn't very tenative and I'm not saying that because I hate waitresses (I've done that job before and I'd never want to do that again because frankly I'm not good as one) because I don't.  

We paid for the meal (which cost about $100 for 4 people now that's OUTRAGEOUS).  Went back to our place to have cake & give my dad his gift.  The cake was a big hit ^_^ even bigger than last time because it was much moister than the last time.  My dad said that we spent far too much on his gift (his gift card was the usual $25) but it's my dad I'm willing to spend a little bit more on his gift.

Things have a bit stressful lately with various things, I won't really get into why because frankly it's just too annoying to talk about but let's just say that we need to get some $ because Tony's not really get much of any $ from advertisers.  We're trying to get $ from Tony's investor for his new site that he's working on but we haven't heard from the guy in two days so I'm kind of worried so isn't Tony.  I hope that everything works out for us.  Keep us in mind please, thanks.

I haven't been updating due to stress and being worried as hell so my entries would've been like this “oh my god we're going to be homeless” or something silly and ridiculous to that point so why bother updating right?  Plus family drama just doesn't want to go away either so that was bothering me like hell too.  I keep having these dreams due to the conversation with my dad (more about that later) about family issues and what not.  It's just not fair that's all I gotta say on that.

Got through my flist FINALLY *phew* that was something I must say!!!  If I didn't comment, doesn't mean that I didn't read it because I read every entry just didn't have something to say about it.  I want to say that I'm sorry about my

 you deserve better I'm here if you need me hun.

Been working on my requests for

 and I still have one more request to fill but I'm actually going to fill them tomorrow some time.  I also have to figure out what to do next as I'm not sure I might just do a pixel to blinkie one or an icon since it's been ions since I've done an icon offer.   I know that I'm not as good as others on my flist or others out there but I'm going to try my hardest to come up with something cute for everyone.  

Also been “spring cleaning” my pixels on my computer, what I call a pixel dump.  I have far too many pixels, dolls, etc on my computer that I don't like, need or want anymore so I've been going through them.  I've finished going through part of my dolls, at least the normal dolls as well as daums then others but I still have couples, fairies, and the rest of my collection too.  I've been backing up data because my computer made a funny noise the other day and I didn't know if it's a hard drive issue or what so I'm making sure to back up all my data that I don't want lost.  Don't worry makers, I've got all my blinkies, etc. in my photobucket as long as no one deletes my album then I won't lose anything (they can't, I've got it protected).  It's amazing how much space I now have on my D drive (partition drive) I LOVE it!!!  😀

Watched “analyze this” today with Tony and I liked it!  I loved how they put a part of the godfather in it, that was really cool!!!  😀  I put “analyze that” further up in the queue because I want to see that next.  Tony watched his “house of wax” the other day while I wrote my letter to


Pheasant lane mall was on Sunday and we went there to get some HK items from the candy store that they have in the mall but we found out that they didn't have any HK because it wasn't selling.  But I did find some cute things at Target as well as Claires.  Ordered Kuronmi maid (thanks to

 because I saw that she had it and I fell in love with it  when I saw hers) notebooks from www.sanrio.com which came in the other day.  I finished Voula's letter tonight and I'm excited to have all my letters written.

Called my parents the other day and I couldn't get through.  I was a bit paranoid when I couldn't get through and was too depressed to bother calling back later so I just waited.  Tony ended up calling today and left a message (he got through with ringing & everything) to ask about getting together this week since he's got it off (one of his jobs at least, yes my dad has THREE jobs he wants to get rid of one soon). They never called back (shocker huh?) so Tony called back again and he found out that they would most likely get together either Friday (July 4th which shocked me because they ALWAYS go over my sis' for a bbq that day) or Saturday.  Was good to find out that everything's ok.  

Still need to clean the house in case my parents decided that they want to come over this weekend.  Not sure what we'll when we get together but I plan on making sure that I've got something made just in case.  I'll make something for dessert too so that means we'll have to go out and get some food for this weekend.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow because I want to call my dad to find out what he wants to do when we get together if I should buy some food or what not.  He's working at his night job right now.  

Well that's about it, I'm off to fill requests for

 take care all and have a good indepence day weekend!




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