Florida Move Is On Hold

Published October 8, 2014 by sadistickitten

Been awhile since I’ve written in here, a lot has gone on.  Like what you might be asking?  Ok to the people that actual read my posts, or even care I will tell you.  I mainly make these posts because years ago I went to a therapist, it was after a bad thing happened to me (no I won’t get into it here way too personal), and the lady told me that talking with someone like her wasn’t helping me.  She said that I figured everything out that I needed to know by writing it down, getting my thoughts out.  She basically wasted her time sitting there listening to answer her questions because I had figured it out.  I did the talking for both of us.  Guess that means I’m my own therapist?  Ok weird.. anyway…

On that note, I found out new information about our move to Florida.  My husband’s boss still wants to move to Florida, however his building that he thought the lease was going up in 2 years looks like it already went up.  The owner contacted him recently to let him know this and said that he has to move out because a place next to him wants to expand which would expand into his current spot.  The landlord whom ever the person is that owns the building, told him this.  But with his business dealing with airport parts, etc. this would be a huge deal.

Why? Because he would have to go through a lot of paperwork, get the approval of the airport to move these parts, etc. plus having to find a new place and getting them to approve.  A lot of red tape, so of course my husband’s boss is trying to see if they can stay there instead.  But even then, it will cost a lot of money to do so.  In doing so, that will not only put the time and money that was going into us moving to a new use but it will also delay the time that it will take for us to get there.

Now, I’m not 100% gun hoe about moving to FL in the first place.  Sure it would be nice to get away from the girl who lives next to us, I would love HER to move not us.  But I think she made an agreement with the landlord to stay here as long as she likes which of course is the opposite of what the landlord told us that she was moving out. That was about a month ago, well I would say now it’s a month and a few weeks.  End of this month will be 2 months, which will make me angry that the girl will still be here by then.  If she gets anymore annoying with her stupid noise, I will contact our landlord and tell them about it.  I was told by our landlord that if she becomes a problem to contact them and let them know about her, if she is bothering us more.

She’s still been annoying but not as much.  She just loves to show up at night when I like to read and make a lot of noise before I go to bed.  Which of course, its hard for me to read quietly and have some sort of peace before bed.  It has been effecting my sleep, I stress over it because I like to relax before bed which she isn’t letting me do.  If she continues down this path, keeping me from relaxing at night till Friday, I will contact our landlord explaining the issue to them.  Tell them that I am sorry to contact them about this again, but she hasn’t stopped.  She keeps making a lot of noise at night and her child has been screaming so loudly & yelling that I can hear her in our laundry room (which is at the other side of our apartment).  I can even hear the brat upstairs in our loft, which is just ridiculous!  I shouldn’t have to hear the child that loudly.  I can understand her talking but to talk so very loudly when she knows that someone is beside her, is bad parenting on the mother’s part.

Our landlord who used to have the house on the market, looks like they either got into an agreement with their ex about what to do with the house, or they gave them back the money so they could refinance to get each other’s name off the lease and start again, or they decided to take a break on having the place have showings so they took the sign down.  I don’t think the landlord’s realtor (who’s a “friend” of hers) did that out of the goodness of her heart, I think its more the first one.  It’s good I like the fact that I no longer have to worry about some brat trying to steal my hello kitty or having to watch them when they come because the realtor is too busy showing the place that she doesn’t watch all of them.  It’s funny the things that she said to me about the showings, clearly she’s never sold a house or had any showings in her life because I did plenty of research online all about showings.  How bad they are and how its a risk having a public one.  Let’s just hope that the sign does stay off the lawn for good.

My husband said that he doesn’t think our landlord would have taken the sign down and not told us that they have made some sort of agreement with the other person about the selling of the house. Yes because our landlord has been so reliable when it comes to everything else here.  We were never told about when they came to fix the deck that was falling apart (our deck/side is falling apart but their side is nice and has been repainted plus done over.  But hey at least its not my house), or when they had a few showings but failed to tell us about it, or when the girl next to us was to move in, or even when the girl next to us’ mother moved in.  All things that our landlord failed to tell us.  But of course, I’m sure that they made sure to tell the people who house share because of course they are more important than us.

I make one complaint about her and I’m the bastard?!  The bitch has zero respect for anyone else and when we moved in 3 years ago, we agreed to our landlord being next to us NOT some brat with her bratty child.  But of course the guy who lives on their side, his sister needed a place to live so of course stick the brat NEXT to us so we have to suffer.  Please don’t think of the people who rent a whole side who live on the other side of you.  No of course not because clearly we aren’t important.  If our landlord bitches about the noise during my husband’s poker events because she complains which she has the fucking balls to complain after her noise?  Wow that’s low!  I will threaten to move out, if she doesn’t like it.  It’s twice a month, not every night unlike her with her bratty child.

I live like an 80 year old woman, I keep my music down when I know people are here.  I read which is quiet and peaceful activity, play apps & most of the time, the volume on those are on low because even that sometimes annoys me.  I respect others peace & quiet, I make sure that when it’s late, I don’t stay up listening to music really loudly when her & her daughter are sleeping.  No because unlike her, I have respect for others.  Because unlike her, I don’t like to make a lot of noise bothering others.

Unlike her, I have respect others.  I used to try so hard to be extremely quiet, but not anymore.  I make sure to make noise when she’s making a lot of it.  I also put on some music when the bitch just won’t stfu.  But if it keeps up again and she won’t stfu tonight, I will email our landlord saying its been over a month and we were told that she was being kicked out. I have waited awhile not to email them about the issue with her & her loud bratty daughter making a lot of noise but its been all week every day, for the past month and I can’t take it any longer.  Is it so hard for her to keep it down at night?  Can’t she have some sense of deency and keep her volume as well as her daughters’ down?  Its not that hard, I was a child I was taught how to keep my volume down and if I didn’t I would get punished.  This child is a spoiled brat!  I heard because she’s not quiet, that she took her child to the water park at 6 flaggs.  Now that’s not cheap at all, in fact this was AFTER I got an email from our landlord telling us that she needed to save up some $ before she could move out because deposits cost a lot of money.  Um then where the fuck did you get the $ for the water park?  Smh. I can’t stand liars and assholes like her!


She’s Never Leaving

Published September 24, 2014 by sadistickitten

It’s been almost a month since our landlord told the tenant beside us to move out.  I wouldn’t actually call her a tenant, I would call her a roommate on their side (they rent a room in our landlord’s old house) but we unfortunatley hear whatever she has to say when she talks in her room.  Now I can understand it if there are others here to talk in her room.  But when she knows that I can hear everything that she has to say, how is that private?

Sure I’m not gonna do anything with this information, but still do I need to know all her ideas or her thoughts?  Or even what’s going on with her life?  I don’t think so.  I don’t care to know nor do I want to know.  It would be different if unlike most people, this girl would actually talk quietly or even low.  But she doesn’t and neither does her mom or her bratty child.  They all talk like they are shouting into a phone, and do that all on speaker phones when they use their phones.  Oh joy!

I personally hate getting sucked into her drama as well.  She will bitch on her phone about her boyfriend, her living situation, her daughter, etc. things that I don’t care to hear about.  But I do have to hear it every freaking day because she clealry doesn’t give 2 shits about the fact that our landlord told her while she’s still living here try to be respectful and keep it down.  Yeah tell her to try to also not talk so loudly can you do that too?  Guess not, that would be asking too much!

I do my best to keep it down.  The only noises that can be heard from me are keys typing, me reading, listening to music (that’s usually to drown her out), playing my games/app (that’s also on a quieter volume, unlike my husband), or watching tv.  Even then I make sure its not blaring.

Not once have I gotten an email from our landlord telling me to keep it down, that I am making too much noise and next to us they have complained.  Since this bitch has moved in, all i’ve heard from her is noise.  What doesn’t she get?  I can hear her whenever she’s in her room and I clearly don’t want to.  I don’t wanna be her friend, I am not her therapist (but clearly she does need some) no one who cares to hear her.   I would love to get paid to hear her if that was an option because then it would actually be worth it to hear her.

My quiet is much too loud for your noise, that’s what I’m getting.  Even when I am quiet, she comes in making a lot of noise as if that’s an excuse to be noisy.  When I am making a little of noise, that gives her the chance to make sure to make more noise and be even louder.  I can not win!  I am not the type of person who likes children either.  Now, that’s not to say that I hate all children because that’s not true.  I don’t hate all children, just hers and bratty ones.  Her child doesn’t know how to stfu either, not till she’s sleeping and even then she’s coughing like crazy.  And when she does finally go to sleep, it’s not till after 10pm when I am going to bed.

At night, I barley get any peace and quiet because she is here.  I was hoping that maybe just maybe she would take the whole moving out thing seriously but clearly that’s too much to ask for. Friday will be 30 days from when our landlord emailed us to tell us that she is to be moving out.  It’s only a few days away and I do not see any progress on her taking that seriously.  I have not seen her go to work much, or even see one part of her clothes, etc moved from here.  Hell, I even saw her bringing MORE clothes to the place.  Wtf?  I’m seriously wondering if our landlord actually told her that she could stay and changed her mind.

I had to email our landlord because our spare bedroom was smelling like shit.  It was either the trashes or her room, I’m guessing its both that girl has ants (from what I heard) as well as I can smell a funk coming from there.  I make sure to keep the cats’ litter smell and the rest of the place smelling nicely.  Its too much to ask for her to do the same.  She is such a slob, i’ve seen her dress and Ive seen her walking around in crappy clothes so I can tell how lazy this girl is.

I guess Friday we will find out if she is indeed been kicked out or our landlord changed their mind but didn’t bother to tell us.  That has happened a lot latley, they change their mind not bothering to tell us but we find out oh wow someone new is moving in?  They could have at least given us a heads up to let us know but of course that would be asking too much of our landlord.  They didn’t even tell us that they were working on our deck, that the legs holding the deck were falling apart and someone would be by to fix that.  Of course not, that would be something nice and lately they have been anything but.  We have been here for almost 3 years now but if you ask them, they would act like the others on the other side has been longer than us. I can not wait till we have to move to Florida to get away from their bullshit and them not believing me that they did get in.  I’m not an idiot, I know when my apartment has been violated. What I can smell, what has been moved and what’s in our sink before we leave.  My cats do stuff yes they move things but they can’t put dried purple paint in the sink.

Ugh just ugh, this bitch won’t stop her stupid talking thing!  You would think she’s got a challange of having to speak a lot every day that she needs to meet.  I am a woman, and I do NOT talk that much.  How fucking rude is she to be yellling into her fucking phone right now?  Omg, stfu you fucking twat!

Complete & Utter Silence

Published September 18, 2014 by sadistickitten

I need my peace & quiet, it keeps people safe.  Meaning when I don’t get it, the whole work deals with my wrath.  Makes me want to kill and destroy, but first I need dry my hair.  Lol laughing that’s something that I couldn’t do yesterday.

Today, its been great!  I had to vaccum because the broom is with my husband, he did some cleaning at his work because they’re super messy.  Ugh guys are so gross!  Ok my husbands not he actually pretty good about cleaning up after himself which is nice.

Unlike yesterday, I’m actually able to think because there is peace and quiet.  Yesterday, it was the girl beside us, her mom, and her daughter.  All talking loudly in the room next to our whole apartment.  Smdh. Why they must talk in that room (knowing I’m right beside them & can hear every word)  when they’ve got the whole place to themselves is just beyond me.

I was able to eat my lunch & read my book at the dining room table all while having some quiet.  Not something that I could have done yesterday.   Now I understand that there should some noises, but this girl hasn’t grasp the concept of quiet. 

I was glad that when our landlords bf came over (he hammered in on our side a latch, no it won’t stop them from coming over but it will show if they did get in our side) & of course, like the jackass george is (1 of the many people that live next to us), he said “if you’re going to complain about noise, you should keep the noise down too.  I’m texting our landlord”.

Her bf goes “open mouth insert foot” He knows just how loud we are on our side and they’re not quiet ever.  Not once since we’ve been here for almost 3 yrs has our landlord ever emailed us (ONLY once because we had loud sex but I fixed that mistake & no complaints have been made since) our volume.  That we we’re making too much noise and need to keep it down.  Our landlord used to live in the room next to us, so they know how little we are loud. 

For the most part, I keep it down.  I check my email, read, play a game (on low volume), yes I have listened to my music but even then its been to block out her noise.  2 hours a day, if that we watch a show which is kind of loud but otherwise you can’t hear it.  Especially breaking bad, that show is hard to hear when its quieter.  I do try to keep the volume down and I even ask my husband to keep it lower.  Same goes with his games, he puts it down when it gets later in the day.

I do clean and vaccum but there’s no way to keep that quiet.  I do know that I have annoyed a roommate on their side who was listening to music but hey what was I supposed to do when there is a lot of fur around? Look at it and hope it goes away?  My husband has the broom, I couldn’t use the wet mop that doesn’t really get all the fur then I have to use the vaccum to clean that up.  Stupid! 

While cleaning earlier, I did notice the door was moved.  Its normally closed all the way, when I was cleaning the rug in front of the door…I saw it was opened a bit.  Now when she left, the door was closed all the way so it proves to me someone has been opening it up.  If its not flush with the door like it was before then clearly someone has been moving it.  We shall see on Friday, were going to dave & busters vip event before it even opens to the public

Yay! Free drinks, food, and games.   Can’t wait!  If we get back and I see the lock has been moved, or that the rug has or that there is something in our sink, I will know.  And this will proof enough for our landlord that they will know hey someone has been in our apartment.

Put it this way, if our doors are locked how else is she getting in?  Yeah exactly through that seperates ours from her side.  I’m hoping that she does prove me right and that now our landlord will have to put in a lock of some sort on our side to prevent them from coming in. Time will tell….

Why Doesn’t He Believe Me?!

Published September 17, 2014 by sadistickitten

I’m really hurt & angry right now.  Not only is our landlord not believing in me but believes they wouldn’t dare come inside, but now my husband doesn’t believe me.

He’s saying that I’m making up the complaint about the noise because when he’s home he doesn’t hear it. Of course not, he’s in the pc room with his game going and music on from the game. When I’m in there with music on and my game going i don’t hear her either. Actually i still do but it’s not as bad.

But when you’re right next to the door sitting in the living room all you can do is hear her like she’s inside our apartment. She never learned the whole inside voices thing. Of course, she has gotten better with her volume recently after my email to our landlord. So that’s nice. But her daughter on the other hand, well she’s just as bratty& just as annoying.

But to call me crazy or a liar by not only our landlord but my husband too that’s just beyond rude. What’s funny is that my friends actually believe me because they know I’m not crazy. I might ge crazy over cats, or hello kitty but I’m not over this. I know what i saw in our sink & i smelt smoke from a cigarette I’m allergic & more sensitive to it. I’m so angry, hurt & mad right now it’s not even funny.

Email Our Landlord

Published September 16, 2014 by sadistickitten

I decided to bite the bullet, so what if my husband does not agree with my reasoning (why do men always think when you are emotional about something you’re crazy?!).  I told her that I believe they’ve been coming in on our side (I’m not crazy, I know what smoke smells like I’m allergic to it) and I told her that I found dried purple paint in the sink which isn’t from either of us. As further proof to her that yes someone has been in our apartment, at least 1 person but I’m pretty sure it’s been more than one. I know her mom has gotten in because I smelt her cig smoke.  She probably smoked in here as her way of saying fuck for getting my daughter kicked out of her room next to you.  Once again, not all my fault and I’m not even sure she is kicked out.  Our landlord could have changed her mind and allowed her to stay here.  Ugh of course she would because that would just be icing on the already fucked up cake.

Not only did our landlord NOT believe anyone was getting into our side, their reasoning “when are you gone, don’t you not work?” Yes I am here all the time (for now, till I can find a job) but I’m here during the day.  At night, we have gone out during the week for groceries, errands, picking up stuff off of craigslist etc. We have a right to leave our apartment and NOT have to worry about someone coming into to just because they have access to our side and we don’t.  I gave my reasoning, the response was that they will see about putting in a lock or a latch on our side as to prevent her access (or anyone else on their side to our side when we are gone).

Now, if our landlord cared more about our safety, this would have been done the minute that our landlord was no longer living beside us.  They respected our privacy and would not come over or knock unless they gave at least a notice, maybe not always 24 hours but at least hey tonight x time we can drop off x. You get the point.  Which was fine because we knew that our landlord would not come when we were out to mess around or steal stuff. Our landlord knew that would be a liability.

After our landlord moving out however, there should have been lock on our side put in to prevent them coming in so this be a non issue.  Once again, this is NOT my fault but our landlords’ for not thinking of our safety.  If they came in on our side while we were gone, we have no legal actions against them if they stole stuff, let the cats out or did anything to our place illegal reasons because there is no lock to prevent that.

If they cops got called, they would ask why there was not a lock or latch put in our side when the landlord moved out.  We would say we don’t know but that originally we were refused by our landlord to put one put because in their eyes, no one was getting in. Sorry but the cops won’t go ok that’s fine, no they couldn’t do a single thing! They would just laugh at us going ok sure.  Then they would go after our landlord legally and sue them for not keeping us protected and safe.  We could actually sue our landlord for not keeping us safe by allowing someone else access to our place.  So just because I’m here I’m safe?!

No sorry, I’m not!  If they can come in when we are gone, what prevents them from coming in when we are here?  What because we would hear them?!  Yeah then what would do?  It’s the same incident if someone stole stuff from your house but you failed to lock your doors.  Is that right that they go in and stole stuff? No it’s not, it’s not right.  Same applies here.  If the door is unlocked and accessible ONLY to her, and not us it’s the same as them stealing our stuff when we are gone and the doors are all unlocked.

We don’t know what type of person she is. Neither does our landlord, even if her brother already lives beside us.  Our landlord doesn’t know if he’s a pedophile or a rapist or even a criminal.  She’s a complete stranger!  You don’t walk up to a complete stranger and say hey btw you wanna move into the room next to our whole apartment and live there?  Sure, why not we trust you.  No no you wouldn’t.  Same applies here.

Besides that’s ILLEGAL not to have a lock or latch on our side to prevent entry from both sides getting in.  We would not go into her side and haven’t ever (was told once to shut the door in that room but that was because of the cable guy coming in) because we are good people.  Unlike the girl beside us, she is not.  And now that she’s been kicked out (yet she’s NO attempt at moving out, nor have I seen her move anything), wouldn’t you think she would have a reason to be mad at us and want to get into our apartment when we were gone to check stuff out or mess with things.  Hell for all we know, she could have put our toothbrush in the toilet (hey her mom is fucking crazy, we heard all about how insane she is), in her butt, etc. good thing I recently replaced my toothbrush head lol.  Women are known to be crazy they will do some crazy shit to your stuff.

I heard them talking loudly one day about how she was pissed off that I am making her move out.  That our landlord kicked her out all because of me (thanks for throwing me under the bus, they could have just told her that it was the last straw). I just hope that our landlord doesn’t let the mom move back in here again.  I will be rip shit because she will be over here all the time.  She won’t care.

I’m still waiting on a reply to my email about installing a lock or latch on our side.  I told them to let us know when someone can come over to put one on.  If I don’t hear a reply from them by the end of today, I’m going to email them back saying not just because of them coming in but legally there is supposed to be a lock on both side to prevent anyone from entering their private space when they are not home.  I won’t bring that up unless they do not response to my email and just ignore my response about putting one in.

Stop Getting Into Our Apartment

Published September 15, 2014 by sadistickitten

Just because we are not home, does not give you or anyone else on your side of the house to come into our apartment.  This has not only happened once, but it has happened several times before. 

After leaving the apartment to get pick up a poker table, I noticed that there was a smoke smell in our side.  Not only that but the rug that separates our apartment to her room has been moved, I also hear that door opening from time to time when I am upstairs doing yoga.  None of that is right!

I should explain, there is a door with a lock on her side that leads into our whole apartment that we rent from our landlord.  She rents a room, that’s right.  I said she rents a room and does a house share.  This does not give her rights to come into our apartment whenever we leave it.

Not only have I noticed those things, but I also our cats were acting like someone had been in our apartment (they do not like new people & act skiddish running around like someone new has been inside), there was dried up purple paint in our bathroom sink.  That was not from us, and when bringing the trash back I noticed purple paint in our trash can.  That is also not from us.

That means they were fooling around in our apartment while no one was here.  Which is against the law but since there’s a door separating it, I’m pretty sure the cops can’t be called for her violating our space, coming into our apartment.  Doing whatever they wanted.

Also noticed that my Hello Kitty were messed up.  I was wondering for the longest time why things looked out of place.  Who knows what they could have done.  If they used our TV, computer, bathroom (obviously I found paint in the sink), etc.

Does not matter if she nor her mom is pissed off at us for her getting kicked out.  For fucks sake, I heard her having sex and didn’t say anything!  Had I known what I do now, I would have knocked on her door saying something or calling the cops.  I did put my music because the last thing I wanted to hear was her screaming loudly.  Faking it but none the less screaming.  I’ve seen porns,  know faking it plus I have great orgasms I know fake ones when I hear them.

I also hate that her mom feels the need to use our damn trash to put all her fucking trash inside it.  They have a side where they can use their own trash, but does she? Nope she uses our side all the time.  If I catch her doing it again, I will say something to her.

Kicking her out won’t stop the mom from coming over though.  Her son lives next to us on her side.  What I want our landlord to make crystal clear is that they are not allowed in our side when or aren’t here.  Does not matter what their reason is.  When the realtors had showings, I never once went over on their side to look around.  That would be a violation of privacy. 

Not sure what legal action I have for her violating our space like she has been doing.  I do that every time I have ever seen her mom outside something in our apartment when we left, has been moved touched our changed.  I wish that we had access to the lock and not her.  But our landlord used to have that room as her bedroom so we were safe, we are not safe any longer.

I hate the feeling of not being safe in my own apartment.  I hate that at any time she can just walk into our side and just fuck around with whatever the hell she wants to.  Does not give the right just because she can.  I have had accesss before to her side but I didn’t walk around.  Plus our landlord told me that I could go in there and shut the door if I would like to.  So I did but that was before there was anyone living there it was emptied out.

I did see a lot of her clothes and belongings on the lawn earlier today.  I hope that means that she is officially moved out or mostly that is.  Because she did come back hours later to pick up more stuff, I assume because I heard a lot of noises.  I am hoping that she is gone so she will no longer have access to our side.  But emailing our landlord was a good idea because her mom will still come over, her son lives here. I just hope that our landlord didn’t let her mom live next to us again. Then the issue will continue to happen.

Top 10 Good Things

Published September 10, 2014 by sadistickitten

I always write these whenever I’m having a bad day, they make me feel better about my life and put things into perspective.  Sncee this week has been really crappy and its only wednesday , I’m going to do a 10 for each day so far.

Monday top 10:

1) had a great weekend with my husband

2) got a cool tea pot to put my tea to steep it

3) cats have been so loving

4) got some time to relax

5) got some time to read

6) she wasn’t here all the time

7) got errands done

8) set up reservations for our anniversary

9) watched some dvr shows

10) snuggled with my hubby

Tuesday top 10:

1) got some reading in

2) don’t live with D anymore

3) no matter how bad my day is, its better than living with him

4) got a bunch of stuff done

5) snuggled with ruffian

6) got some matted fur off of sir purrs

7) started feeling better

8) pimples are doing better

9) made mashed potatoes

10) cooked up scrambled hamburg

Wednesday top 10:

1) finally got boardwalk from sims 3 store

2) new clothes from old navy, saving a lot plus code saving $15

3) jeans aren’t so tight anymore

4) played bioschock infinite part 2 for awhile

5) 1hour till hubby comes home

6) its finally quiet here

7) listened to some music

8) relaxed more then I’ve done in awhile

9) watching boardwalk empire soon

10) my cats make me so very happy

Ok now I feel much better, always good to put stuff in perspective.