Keep The Noise Down & Be Done By 11pm

Published December 6, 2014 by sadistickitten

The new guy has been here less than a week, he moved in on Sunday (a day before December 1st mind you) and the old girl named Sally we said (instead of her real name I know now) who was living there.  This girl was loud all the time, she was loud and I didn’t complain about it till it was a week or more till she was still at it. I NEVER emailed her asap the minute that I heard her making noise unlike this guy his name I know too so we’ll cal Bob.  I get that normally we are quiet, and if he DARE tells her that we’re not is such bullshit because yes we are.  I’m super quiet, I keep it down and I make sure to keep my husband down as well.  I talk to him to tell him, “hey can you keep it down” which he’s working on, he’s just not used to a person being next to us at normal hours.

Anyway, a few minutes or so ago I get an email from our landlord asking “how many people are over there & to keep it down”. It’s a fucking Friday night, we do this every 2 weeks not every day not every week day either.  I can see emailing us if it was during the week, or even every week but it’s every other week for christ’s sake.  I have been looking for a new place to live because I knew that their side would email her to complain.  Because the other girl wasn’t even here on Friday nights, she was off doing something else.  What I don’t know but something else. So she wouldn’t be able to complain about the noise.  Now if it was either George or Danny, (those I don’t care if I mention or not, they’re complete assholes) then that would be some bullshit because they are SUPER noisy.  Whenever they are talking in front of the door that leads to our side (they did this last weekend) I didn’t email our landlord to complain.  I just let it go and make some noise to block them out.

Now, if they make noise again this weekend, it will be war.  I will say normally I wouldn’t complain to you x, because I waited for a week if not more because I complained about her and her noise yet the MINUTE we make some noise, they have to email you to bitch and complain?  Yeah that seems fair.  So from now on, if they are loud or annoying at night and talking right in front of the bedroom that’s right next to us, I will email her to tell her that they are being loud talking in front of the door if they could stop thanks.

If they’re gonna play that game, I will play the same game!  The gloves are off, I won’t be miss nice girl anymore.  I will put my foot down and not put up with their bullshit. If they are gonna play this bullshit game, I will too.  If she continues to email us EVERY other week when we have poker, I will threaten and tell her look we rarely have visitors, we put up with x next to us for a long time (she was ALWAYS loud but I didn’t email you the SECOND she was loud, I waited till it was happening for a long time) yet they can email you asap and you jump?

That seems REAL fair when we pay 3 or 4 times as much as they do, that we have lives here longer than than ANY of them have, dealt with the x for 3 extra months (since August I mind you) and we get bitched at “keep it down” all the fucking time yet she could be noisy, loud & obnoxious for how long now before she moved out?!  yes that totally makes sense.  Keep it up and keep having george or danny email you every fucking time and we will move out!  Find another place to live and you will have the fun of trying to get someone to move in here besides someone who’s living on the other side of the door.  Having to put up with the bullshit we put up with George being super loud talker (we can hear him from the deck in the bathroom btw) as well Danny blaring his music super loud whenever he wants to.  Yet have I emailed you to complain about them?!  Have I emailed you EVERY time that she was loud (being she was loud on a DAILY basis, meaning every fucking night I would hear her screaming & yelling plus her child being a fucking little brat too.  But you email us telling US to be quiet all the fucking time?!  Fuck you, you fucking cunt!


Open House Today Starting…Well NOW!

Published November 23, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ugh, just saw the realtor she “warned me” about there might be a mob of people coming to our front door.  She said it looks like this will be where people will come when they pull in.  Yeah well they’re not coming in the front door, I don’t let poker players come in that door I’m not letting strangers come in that door.  They can come in where everyone else comes in which is the back door.  I want them to wipe their feet or at least get the dirt on it that way.  We don’t go in our front door, why would I let anyone else do that?!  They will come in the back door where there is a sign for no smoking!

Just because she’s having an open house doesn’t mean that I have to do what SHE says.  She’s not my landlord, nor do I have to follow her rules.  I’ve read all the rules online about what to do during an open house online.  She can tell me what she wants me to do but I don’t have to follow it.  There’s no law saying that I have to do whatever she tells me to.  The last realtor tried that shit with me, treating me poorly look where it got her.

I’m hoping that since it’s still cold outside that people will not want to walk around a house or be in the market to buy one.  It’s almost black friday, when Christmas shopping starts who has the money for a house right now?!  Most people want to go out and get their shopping done soon and save money for Christmas.  Why would they want to look at a house that is clearly too high for the price it’s worth?

I really hope this is the quickest 2 hours that I’ve ever known.  Please say this is true!!! PLEASE!  I’m already dealing with a lot of stress from her having this dumb open house.  I’ve still got a bad cold which is driving me bonkers right now.  My nose is very runny and I’m still coughing like crazy.  Hell, I’m too lazy to even make my chicken noodle soup (not during an open house that’s for sure, no good smells) since I’m out of the last one that I made.  Plus, I’m a shy person so these stress me the fuck out.  AH help me!!!!!! Please say it’s like the last time there was an open house and only 1 couple came maybe no one will come?  PLEASE I could be so lucky!

Fall Open House

Published November 13, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ugh, wtf is this dumb realtor’s problem?!  NO ONE buys a house in the fucking fall or winter time in the New England area.  I know, I looked it up online and did a bunch of research.  Fall isn’t the time for people to buy a house because it is so very cold outside no one wants to get out of their own houses let alone go into another house to look around.  The last open house we had, barely anyone showed up and it was the summer time.  I am hoping this time that there will be even less people that show up because of the colder temps.

I haven’t even seen ANY yard sales this time of the year because of the cold temperatures outside.  No one wants to get out of their house other than to do grocery shopping (even then it’s a rush to get back home because it’s so cold outside).  I’ve had this bad cold for like months now. The last time she came over it barely started, just mainly a runny nose every once and awhile but lately it’s really picked up.  I was hoping to relax and get over it, but clearly this bitch doesn’t want me to.

By March/April, we’re supposed to be moving to Florida with my husband’s boss.  Before this, I was like nah it won’t happen but now I’m like let it happen, let it fucking happen!  I don’t want to have to go through more open houses, then fucking showings up the way zoo just because this fucking realtor is a fucking cunt.  However, if I feel she’s having too many showings I can tell our landlord to tell the realtor to slow her roll.  Because I should be able to enjoy my apartment without having to have people walking through every fucking week.  I haven’t used that yet but I will if I need to.  I almost did last when it was becoming way too much, when she was having them almost every day (every other to be exact).  The last time, no one was watching our belongings. Instead, they were taking the tour not bothering to watch kids, or anyone else who might steal our stuff.  Pretty sure she will be just the same, another fucking cunt!  smdh.

Smiley 360 Product Tested For Free: TAZO® Chai Tea

Published November 5, 2014 by sadistickitten

I’m doing a product test, aka I got a few of the products for free including 3 coupons to try full sized products and not just what they sent me as the ones to test out and see if i like them.  I ended up picking up some ginger tea, it’s great for you plus it also helps with a woman’s menstrual period to make the cramps less bad.  They are a bit stronger then the normal tea that I usually but not in a bad way.  Just make you know this before you start to drink them.  They’re like a kick in the teeth, they wake you up and makes you feel awake for sure.  Great for those sluggish mornings before work.

I love to be able to test these products, they are great.  Smiley 360 is a great site!

Everyone’s Ignring Me

Published October 9, 2014 by sadistickitten

It seems that everyone’s ignoring me lately. Our landlord, my parents, even my husband but hey you expect that us women can get very annoying at times. I even sometimes don’t like myself. Lol.

I contacted my parents about our move to FL not happening for a long long time and I was expecting some sort of response from  them. Even a quick one but i got nothing!  You’d think for people who were not looking forward to it would be all yay that’s awesome.  But maybe they’re angry about the letter i sent?  Nothing in it mentioned anything mean towards them. I just said taking a break from coming down would be best for all of us. They were so mean about it when they were down why should that piss them off?  No clue.  It’s just really odd.

Our landlord not bothering to email me back to even say hey yeah she’s gonna atay you’ll have to deal with her. Nope, i get nothing!  Not even a k from her.  It’s probably because their whole side is taking the bitch’s side on it.  They’re telling her that she’s got no place to go, no $, etc. Anything to shut our landlord up.  I know she’s lying about$ even my sister who has a kid and not much $ can’t afford six flaggs let alone the water park.  Smh. What a fucking bitch!  I almost want to get kicked out so we no longer have to deal with her anymore.  I’m sick of her being around it’s not even funny! I guess someone’s having a huge laugh on me because I don’t want kids. Well to that person u say fuck you.