Things i won’t miss….

Published April 9, 2015 by sadistickitten

There are a lot of reasons why I’m extremely excited to be away from this place.  I used to like it back when we first moved in here over 3 years ago.  However, like a new car it has lost it’s luster.  Now, the things that I used to like, or even enjoy about living here have become annoying.  Things that were ok to deal with, not that I liked it but dealt with it fine have now become super annoying and am beyond done with. Things that I didn’t know about till after it was too late to go back on are now the most annoying things ever.

Like what you ask?  Our landlord told us “these walls are super thick, you can’t hear anything on the other side of them” (HUGE lie, I can hear EVERYTHING that goes on in the other side of the split house) & I can hear conversations people are having outside because the walls are so thin.  It’s like I am outside with them because I can make out every word that they are saying.  That’s just gotten beyond annoying to deal with.  It would be ok if I didn’t hear them every day but I do, it’s almost non stop when they do talk outside. Whether they’re talking to someone on the phone or talking to their dogs (yes a crazy man who lives next to me talks to his dog expecting the dog to talk back to him), I just wish that I didn’t have to hear everything that goes on. And they’re not exactly quiet when they do talk either outside or even next to us inside their side of the place.  Nope, they talk like they are fifty feet from each other.



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