Former Landlord Bullshit

Published April 9, 2015 by sadistickitten

Moved out over a month ago, told my landlord in plenty of time that i would be leaving.  Gave her a month notice & left in 29 days.  I was told by her it was ok to leave whatever didn’t sell because & i quote “no one is living here for awhile because i wanna come over & look out the window”. She didn’t say that i could surrender anything to her, nor did she specifically say what could or couldn’t be left.  I was paid up for my last month there so no way did i need to add extra $ on. That’s her previous tenants not me.  They stayed over a month & gave her a couch & loveseat as collateral(which now I’m seeing a trend with her). 

Anyway, had moving sale & my parents showed up.  Ended up giving them things that we didn’t need anymore.  They left after awhile & drove home.  While living in that apartment, i endured showing (her ex made her put the house on the market to get his name off of it) with very little notice to no notice at all, tenants moving in & out of her old room (which was right on top of my whole apartment where i could hear everything including the last guy Steve having loud sex next door), emails from him complaining to her about our volume, or our shady Craigslist people.  Pretty petty & pathetic shit.  Yet not once did i email her about his volume, him blocking me in, how he slammed/knocked/threw stuff against our door etc.  Because unlike him, i knew it was stupid to do so.  I couldn’t watch a movie or TV show @ 4 or 5pm because to him it was too loud.  Dude, it’s evening not 8 or 9pm.

I did email her days, weeks, a month later when dealing with a previous tenant who was rather loud & obnoxious plus her child was even more so.  Lynn was her name.  She took what was supposed to be a month to move out, it took 4 months for her to leave.  All the while not keeping her volume down when our landlord claimed that she was told this. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t bother.  Because she often lied & would claim, i don’t h as ve her email or she changed her phone #.  She lived with her brother,  you couldn’t find out from him? Are you kidding me?

Then i move across country for work & i had to leave stuff behind because not everything got sold.  But i thought that was OK according to what was said to me.  Anyway, i waited & then notified her that i wanted my deposit back. She starts goibg on about some Bullshit that makes no sense,  it wasn’t in my lease.  30 days go by & i contact her again saying according to the law, 30 days has come & gone, you owe me my $ back.

She then started listing what she claims needed to get done & charges me for this or that.  Including removal of cat smell!   Are you kidding me?  There is an outdoor cat that peed on the doors outside way before i got cats. Then before i moved in, the last tenants had a few cats & let in the then 2 outdoor cats. So how is the cat smell on my tab?  Then she says I’m not being unreasonable & need to meet her half way.  Um it’s past 30 days by law, i can get DOUBLE the $ but instead I’m just asking for the original $ back. No more, no less.

Landlord are such assholes! I’m still waiting to hear back if she will take the offer or not.  Guess we shall see. 


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