Published January 16, 2015 by sadistickitten

OMG, since there was an article that came out & my friends got tagged now to start the drama all over again…. a girl made a group for it on Facebook.   Claiming no drama Lol Yeah right!  

I left that site because there were too many bitches being cunts. Mostly makers with a stick up their asses about not liking certain people.  Acting all high & mighty over it.  Dude, I could make graphics too but I didn’t act like a fucking twat about it.  Others made their shitty graphics selling them for $ & suckers would pay. Which is ridiculous when there is better graphics out there for free. 

I like Facebook because there are no graphics.  Don’t expect me ever going back.  There will always be 1 cunt to ruin it.  I’m older bow & going back there feels like going backwards.  I’m moving on in my life, I’m moving out if this state & to some place better. I’m sick of bitches & their drama. I also left Derby because of dumb ass bitches drama. 

I used to need comments on m y posts but now I don’t care I write for me. 


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