Dear Tenant Beside Us

Published December 20, 2014 by sadistickitten

Just because you rent a ROOM (us renting A WHOLE side ALL by ourselves) doesn’t give you the right to slam things against the door b/c we’re loud watching a movie on a Thursday night (it was 5pm NOT 9pm) or me watching a movie in the middle of day (noontime I should be able to watch a fucking movie w/out you getting disgusted & throwing or sighing loudly when I’m fast forwading DVR commercials). We are mostly quiet on this side, we keep it down 90% of the time. I’m not gonna live like a fucking monk b/c you want us quiet 24/7/365. Sorry but I HAVE to make noise to cook, bake, put away dishes, wash dishes, go down our stairs from the loft in the am, etc. I have to, you will have to deal with it. I can’t unlike you go into ANOTHER room to get away from YOU! 4 rooms are RIGHT on top of your door, sorry that our landlord failed to explain this to you but that’s your own fault!

The door should have been thicker then it is and it’s not our fault it’s like having a tissue paper between you & us. You KNEW this going in so don’t act all irritated when we make ANY type of noise. smh. Emailing our landlord about our “noise” level other than after 9pm on a week night is just making you look like an ass.

BTW: I didn’t email her till it was WEEKS, or even MONTHS after she was making LOUDER noise then we’re making for DAYS on end!!!! So stfu & shut it up your ass! We barely make any noise, we try to be as quiet as we can. Don’t like the noise? Become a MONK asshole!


The couple who live IN THE WHOLE APARTMENT next to you

PS: Stop having our landlord email us telling US to keep the noise volume asshole b/c we’re NOT that loud. Only REALLY loud every 2 weeks on a Friday, don’t like it? Move the fuck out! Not our fault you suck & have to rent a room instead of living somewhere else.


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