Keep The Noise Down & Be Done By 11pm

Published December 6, 2014 by sadistickitten

The new guy has been here less than a week, he moved in on Sunday (a day before December 1st mind you) and the old girl named Sally we said (instead of her real name I know now) who was living there.  This girl was loud all the time, she was loud and I didn’t complain about it till it was a week or more till she was still at it. I NEVER emailed her asap the minute that I heard her making noise unlike this guy his name I know too so we’ll cal Bob.  I get that normally we are quiet, and if he DARE tells her that we’re not is such bullshit because yes we are.  I’m super quiet, I keep it down and I make sure to keep my husband down as well.  I talk to him to tell him, “hey can you keep it down” which he’s working on, he’s just not used to a person being next to us at normal hours.

Anyway, a few minutes or so ago I get an email from our landlord asking “how many people are over there & to keep it down”. It’s a fucking Friday night, we do this every 2 weeks not every day not every week day either.  I can see emailing us if it was during the week, or even every week but it’s every other week for christ’s sake.  I have been looking for a new place to live because I knew that their side would email her to complain.  Because the other girl wasn’t even here on Friday nights, she was off doing something else.  What I don’t know but something else. So she wouldn’t be able to complain about the noise.  Now if it was either George or Danny, (those I don’t care if I mention or not, they’re complete assholes) then that would be some bullshit because they are SUPER noisy.  Whenever they are talking in front of the door that leads to our side (they did this last weekend) I didn’t email our landlord to complain.  I just let it go and make some noise to block them out.

Now, if they make noise again this weekend, it will be war.  I will say normally I wouldn’t complain to you x, because I waited for a week if not more because I complained about her and her noise yet the MINUTE we make some noise, they have to email you to bitch and complain?  Yeah that seems fair.  So from now on, if they are loud or annoying at night and talking right in front of the bedroom that’s right next to us, I will email her to tell her that they are being loud talking in front of the door if they could stop thanks.

If they’re gonna play that game, I will play the same game!  The gloves are off, I won’t be miss nice girl anymore.  I will put my foot down and not put up with their bullshit. If they are gonna play this bullshit game, I will too.  If she continues to email us EVERY other week when we have poker, I will threaten and tell her look we rarely have visitors, we put up with x next to us for a long time (she was ALWAYS loud but I didn’t email you the SECOND she was loud, I waited till it was happening for a long time) yet they can email you asap and you jump?

That seems REAL fair when we pay 3 or 4 times as much as they do, that we have lives here longer than than ANY of them have, dealt with the x for 3 extra months (since August I mind you) and we get bitched at “keep it down” all the fucking time yet she could be noisy, loud & obnoxious for how long now before she moved out?!  yes that totally makes sense.  Keep it up and keep having george or danny email you every fucking time and we will move out!  Find another place to live and you will have the fun of trying to get someone to move in here besides someone who’s living on the other side of the door.  Having to put up with the bullshit we put up with George being super loud talker (we can hear him from the deck in the bathroom btw) as well Danny blaring his music super loud whenever he wants to.  Yet have I emailed you to complain about them?!  Have I emailed you EVERY time that she was loud (being she was loud on a DAILY basis, meaning every fucking night I would hear her screaming & yelling plus her child being a fucking little brat too.  But you email us telling US to be quiet all the fucking time?!  Fuck you, you fucking cunt!


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