Open House Today Starting…Well NOW!

Published November 23, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ugh, just saw the realtor she “warned me” about there might be a mob of people coming to our front door.  She said it looks like this will be where people will come when they pull in.  Yeah well they’re not coming in the front door, I don’t let poker players come in that door I’m not letting strangers come in that door.  They can come in where everyone else comes in which is the back door.  I want them to wipe their feet or at least get the dirt on it that way.  We don’t go in our front door, why would I let anyone else do that?!  They will come in the back door where there is a sign for no smoking!

Just because she’s having an open house doesn’t mean that I have to do what SHE says.  She’s not my landlord, nor do I have to follow her rules.  I’ve read all the rules online about what to do during an open house online.  She can tell me what she wants me to do but I don’t have to follow it.  There’s no law saying that I have to do whatever she tells me to.  The last realtor tried that shit with me, treating me poorly look where it got her.

I’m hoping that since it’s still cold outside that people will not want to walk around a house or be in the market to buy one.  It’s almost black friday, when Christmas shopping starts who has the money for a house right now?!  Most people want to go out and get their shopping done soon and save money for Christmas.  Why would they want to look at a house that is clearly too high for the price it’s worth?

I really hope this is the quickest 2 hours that I’ve ever known.  Please say this is true!!! PLEASE!  I’m already dealing with a lot of stress from her having this dumb open house.  I’ve still got a bad cold which is driving me bonkers right now.  My nose is very runny and I’m still coughing like crazy.  Hell, I’m too lazy to even make my chicken noodle soup (not during an open house that’s for sure, no good smells) since I’m out of the last one that I made.  Plus, I’m a shy person so these stress me the fuck out.  AH help me!!!!!! Please say it’s like the last time there was an open house and only 1 couple came maybe no one will come?  PLEASE I could be so lucky!


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