Fall Open House

Published November 13, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ugh, wtf is this dumb realtor’s problem?!  NO ONE buys a house in the fucking fall or winter time in the New England area.  I know, I looked it up online and did a bunch of research.  Fall isn’t the time for people to buy a house because it is so very cold outside no one wants to get out of their own houses let alone go into another house to look around.  The last open house we had, barely anyone showed up and it was the summer time.  I am hoping this time that there will be even less people that show up because of the colder temps.

I haven’t even seen ANY yard sales this time of the year because of the cold temperatures outside.  No one wants to get out of their house other than to do grocery shopping (even then it’s a rush to get back home because it’s so cold outside).  I’ve had this bad cold for like months now. The last time she came over it barely started, just mainly a runny nose every once and awhile but lately it’s really picked up.  I was hoping to relax and get over it, but clearly this bitch doesn’t want me to.

By March/April, we’re supposed to be moving to Florida with my husband’s boss.  Before this, I was like nah it won’t happen but now I’m like let it happen, let it fucking happen!  I don’t want to have to go through more open houses, then fucking showings up the way zoo just because this fucking realtor is a fucking cunt.  However, if I feel she’s having too many showings I can tell our landlord to tell the realtor to slow her roll.  Because I should be able to enjoy my apartment without having to have people walking through every fucking week.  I haven’t used that yet but I will if I need to.  I almost did last when it was becoming way too much, when she was having them almost every day (every other to be exact).  The last time, no one was watching our belongings. Instead, they were taking the tour not bothering to watch kids, or anyone else who might steal our stuff.  Pretty sure she will be just the same, another fucking cunt!  smdh.


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