Smiley 360 Product Tested For Free: TAZO® Chai Tea

Published November 5, 2014 by sadistickitten

I’m doing a product test, aka I got a few of the products for free including 3 coupons to try full sized products and not just what they sent me as the ones to test out and see if i like them.  I ended up picking up some ginger tea, it’s great for you plus it also helps with a woman’s menstrual period to make the cramps less bad.  They are a bit stronger then the normal tea that I usually but not in a bad way.  Just make you know this before you start to drink them.  They’re like a kick in the teeth, they wake you up and makes you feel awake for sure.  Great for those sluggish mornings before work.

I love to be able to test these products, they are great.  Smiley 360 is a great site!


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