Everyone’s Ignring Me

Published October 9, 2014 by sadistickitten

It seems that everyone’s ignoring me lately. Our landlord, my parents, even my husband but hey you expect that us women can get very annoying at times. I even sometimes don’t like myself. Lol.

I contacted my parents about our move to FL not happening for a long long time and I was expecting some sort of response from  them. Even a quick one but i got nothing!  You’d think for people who were not looking forward to it would be all yay that’s awesome.  But maybe they’re angry about the letter i sent?  Nothing in it mentioned anything mean towards them. I just said taking a break from coming down would be best for all of us. They were so mean about it when they were down why should that piss them off?  No clue.  It’s just really odd.

Our landlord not bothering to email me back to even say hey yeah she’s gonna atay you’ll have to deal with her. Nope, i get nothing!  Not even a k from her.  It’s probably because their whole side is taking the bitch’s side on it.  They’re telling her that she’s got no place to go, no $, etc. Anything to shut our landlord up.  I know she’s lying about$ even my sister who has a kid and not much $ can’t afford six flaggs let alone the water park.  Smh. What a fucking bitch!  I almost want to get kicked out so we no longer have to deal with her anymore.  I’m sick of her being around it’s not even funny! I guess someone’s having a huge laugh on me because I don’t want kids. Well to that person u say fuck you.


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