Florida Move Is On Hold

Published October 8, 2014 by sadistickitten

Been awhile since I’ve written in here, a lot has gone on.  Like what you might be asking?  Ok to the people that actual read my posts, or even care I will tell you.  I mainly make these posts because years ago I went to a therapist, it was after a bad thing happened to me (no I won’t get into it here way too personal), and the lady told me that talking with someone like her wasn’t helping me.  She said that I figured everything out that I needed to know by writing it down, getting my thoughts out.  She basically wasted her time sitting there listening to answer her questions because I had figured it out.  I did the talking for both of us.  Guess that means I’m my own therapist?  Ok weird.. anyway…

On that note, I found out new information about our move to Florida.  My husband’s boss still wants to move to Florida, however his building that he thought the lease was going up in 2 years looks like it already went up.  The owner contacted him recently to let him know this and said that he has to move out because a place next to him wants to expand which would expand into his current spot.  The landlord whom ever the person is that owns the building, told him this.  But with his business dealing with airport parts, etc. this would be a huge deal.

Why? Because he would have to go through a lot of paperwork, get the approval of the airport to move these parts, etc. plus having to find a new place and getting them to approve.  A lot of red tape, so of course my husband’s boss is trying to see if they can stay there instead.  But even then, it will cost a lot of money to do so.  In doing so, that will not only put the time and money that was going into us moving to a new use but it will also delay the time that it will take for us to get there.

Now, I’m not 100% gun hoe about moving to FL in the first place.  Sure it would be nice to get away from the girl who lives next to us, I would love HER to move not us.  But I think she made an agreement with the landlord to stay here as long as she likes which of course is the opposite of what the landlord told us that she was moving out. That was about a month ago, well I would say now it’s a month and a few weeks.  End of this month will be 2 months, which will make me angry that the girl will still be here by then.  If she gets anymore annoying with her stupid noise, I will contact our landlord and tell them about it.  I was told by our landlord that if she becomes a problem to contact them and let them know about her, if she is bothering us more.

She’s still been annoying but not as much.  She just loves to show up at night when I like to read and make a lot of noise before I go to bed.  Which of course, its hard for me to read quietly and have some sort of peace before bed.  It has been effecting my sleep, I stress over it because I like to relax before bed which she isn’t letting me do.  If she continues down this path, keeping me from relaxing at night till Friday, I will contact our landlord explaining the issue to them.  Tell them that I am sorry to contact them about this again, but she hasn’t stopped.  She keeps making a lot of noise at night and her child has been screaming so loudly & yelling that I can hear her in our laundry room (which is at the other side of our apartment).  I can even hear the brat upstairs in our loft, which is just ridiculous!  I shouldn’t have to hear the child that loudly.  I can understand her talking but to talk so very loudly when she knows that someone is beside her, is bad parenting on the mother’s part.

Our landlord who used to have the house on the market, looks like they either got into an agreement with their ex about what to do with the house, or they gave them back the money so they could refinance to get each other’s name off the lease and start again, or they decided to take a break on having the place have showings so they took the sign down.  I don’t think the landlord’s realtor (who’s a “friend” of hers) did that out of the goodness of her heart, I think its more the first one.  It’s good I like the fact that I no longer have to worry about some brat trying to steal my hello kitty or having to watch them when they come because the realtor is too busy showing the place that she doesn’t watch all of them.  It’s funny the things that she said to me about the showings, clearly she’s never sold a house or had any showings in her life because I did plenty of research online all about showings.  How bad they are and how its a risk having a public one.  Let’s just hope that the sign does stay off the lawn for good.

My husband said that he doesn’t think our landlord would have taken the sign down and not told us that they have made some sort of agreement with the other person about the selling of the house. Yes because our landlord has been so reliable when it comes to everything else here.  We were never told about when they came to fix the deck that was falling apart (our deck/side is falling apart but their side is nice and has been repainted plus done over.  But hey at least its not my house), or when they had a few showings but failed to tell us about it, or when the girl next to us was to move in, or even when the girl next to us’ mother moved in.  All things that our landlord failed to tell us.  But of course, I’m sure that they made sure to tell the people who house share because of course they are more important than us.

I make one complaint about her and I’m the bastard?!  The bitch has zero respect for anyone else and when we moved in 3 years ago, we agreed to our landlord being next to us NOT some brat with her bratty child.  But of course the guy who lives on their side, his sister needed a place to live so of course stick the brat NEXT to us so we have to suffer.  Please don’t think of the people who rent a whole side who live on the other side of you.  No of course not because clearly we aren’t important.  If our landlord bitches about the noise during my husband’s poker events because she complains which she has the fucking balls to complain after her noise?  Wow that’s low!  I will threaten to move out, if she doesn’t like it.  It’s twice a month, not every night unlike her with her bratty child.

I live like an 80 year old woman, I keep my music down when I know people are here.  I read which is quiet and peaceful activity, play apps & most of the time, the volume on those are on low because even that sometimes annoys me.  I respect others peace & quiet, I make sure that when it’s late, I don’t stay up listening to music really loudly when her & her daughter are sleeping.  No because unlike her, I have respect for others.  Because unlike her, I don’t like to make a lot of noise bothering others.

Unlike her, I have respect others.  I used to try so hard to be extremely quiet, but not anymore.  I make sure to make noise when she’s making a lot of it.  I also put on some music when the bitch just won’t stfu.  But if it keeps up again and she won’t stfu tonight, I will email our landlord saying its been over a month and we were told that she was being kicked out. I have waited awhile not to email them about the issue with her & her loud bratty daughter making a lot of noise but its been all week every day, for the past month and I can’t take it any longer.  Is it so hard for her to keep it down at night?  Can’t she have some sense of deency and keep her volume as well as her daughters’ down?  Its not that hard, I was a child I was taught how to keep my volume down and if I didn’t I would get punished.  This child is a spoiled brat!  I heard because she’s not quiet, that she took her child to the water park at 6 flaggs.  Now that’s not cheap at all, in fact this was AFTER I got an email from our landlord telling us that she needed to save up some $ before she could move out because deposits cost a lot of money.  Um then where the fuck did you get the $ for the water park?  Smh. I can’t stand liars and assholes like her!


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