She’s Never Leaving

Published September 24, 2014 by sadistickitten

It’s been almost a month since our landlord told the tenant beside us to move out.  I wouldn’t actually call her a tenant, I would call her a roommate on their side (they rent a room in our landlord’s old house) but we unfortunatley hear whatever she has to say when she talks in her room.  Now I can understand it if there are others here to talk in her room.  But when she knows that I can hear everything that she has to say, how is that private?

Sure I’m not gonna do anything with this information, but still do I need to know all her ideas or her thoughts?  Or even what’s going on with her life?  I don’t think so.  I don’t care to know nor do I want to know.  It would be different if unlike most people, this girl would actually talk quietly or even low.  But she doesn’t and neither does her mom or her bratty child.  They all talk like they are shouting into a phone, and do that all on speaker phones when they use their phones.  Oh joy!

I personally hate getting sucked into her drama as well.  She will bitch on her phone about her boyfriend, her living situation, her daughter, etc. things that I don’t care to hear about.  But I do have to hear it every freaking day because she clealry doesn’t give 2 shits about the fact that our landlord told her while she’s still living here try to be respectful and keep it down.  Yeah tell her to try to also not talk so loudly can you do that too?  Guess not, that would be asking too much!

I do my best to keep it down.  The only noises that can be heard from me are keys typing, me reading, listening to music (that’s usually to drown her out), playing my games/app (that’s also on a quieter volume, unlike my husband), or watching tv.  Even then I make sure its not blaring.

Not once have I gotten an email from our landlord telling me to keep it down, that I am making too much noise and next to us they have complained.  Since this bitch has moved in, all i’ve heard from her is noise.  What doesn’t she get?  I can hear her whenever she’s in her room and I clearly don’t want to.  I don’t wanna be her friend, I am not her therapist (but clearly she does need some) no one who cares to hear her.   I would love to get paid to hear her if that was an option because then it would actually be worth it to hear her.

My quiet is much too loud for your noise, that’s what I’m getting.  Even when I am quiet, she comes in making a lot of noise as if that’s an excuse to be noisy.  When I am making a little of noise, that gives her the chance to make sure to make more noise and be even louder.  I can not win!  I am not the type of person who likes children either.  Now, that’s not to say that I hate all children because that’s not true.  I don’t hate all children, just hers and bratty ones.  Her child doesn’t know how to stfu either, not till she’s sleeping and even then she’s coughing like crazy.  And when she does finally go to sleep, it’s not till after 10pm when I am going to bed.

At night, I barley get any peace and quiet because she is here.  I was hoping that maybe just maybe she would take the whole moving out thing seriously but clearly that’s too much to ask for. Friday will be 30 days from when our landlord emailed us to tell us that she is to be moving out.  It’s only a few days away and I do not see any progress on her taking that seriously.  I have not seen her go to work much, or even see one part of her clothes, etc moved from here.  Hell, I even saw her bringing MORE clothes to the place.  Wtf?  I’m seriously wondering if our landlord actually told her that she could stay and changed her mind.

I had to email our landlord because our spare bedroom was smelling like shit.  It was either the trashes or her room, I’m guessing its both that girl has ants (from what I heard) as well as I can smell a funk coming from there.  I make sure to keep the cats’ litter smell and the rest of the place smelling nicely.  Its too much to ask for her to do the same.  She is such a slob, i’ve seen her dress and Ive seen her walking around in crappy clothes so I can tell how lazy this girl is.

I guess Friday we will find out if she is indeed been kicked out or our landlord changed their mind but didn’t bother to tell us.  That has happened a lot latley, they change their mind not bothering to tell us but we find out oh wow someone new is moving in?  They could have at least given us a heads up to let us know but of course that would be asking too much of our landlord.  They didn’t even tell us that they were working on our deck, that the legs holding the deck were falling apart and someone would be by to fix that.  Of course not, that would be something nice and lately they have been anything but.  We have been here for almost 3 years now but if you ask them, they would act like the others on the other side has been longer than us. I can not wait till we have to move to Florida to get away from their bullshit and them not believing me that they did get in.  I’m not an idiot, I know when my apartment has been violated. What I can smell, what has been moved and what’s in our sink before we leave.  My cats do stuff yes they move things but they can’t put dried purple paint in the sink.

Ugh just ugh, this bitch won’t stop her stupid talking thing!  You would think she’s got a challange of having to speak a lot every day that she needs to meet.  I am a woman, and I do NOT talk that much.  How fucking rude is she to be yellling into her fucking phone right now?  Omg, stfu you fucking twat!


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