Complete & Utter Silence

Published September 18, 2014 by sadistickitten

I need my peace & quiet, it keeps people safe.  Meaning when I don’t get it, the whole work deals with my wrath.  Makes me want to kill and destroy, but first I need dry my hair.  Lol laughing that’s something that I couldn’t do yesterday.

Today, its been great!  I had to vaccum because the broom is with my husband, he did some cleaning at his work because they’re super messy.  Ugh guys are so gross!  Ok my husbands not he actually pretty good about cleaning up after himself which is nice.

Unlike yesterday, I’m actually able to think because there is peace and quiet.  Yesterday, it was the girl beside us, her mom, and her daughter.  All talking loudly in the room next to our whole apartment.  Smdh. Why they must talk in that room (knowing I’m right beside them & can hear every word)  when they’ve got the whole place to themselves is just beyond me.

I was able to eat my lunch & read my book at the dining room table all while having some quiet.  Not something that I could have done yesterday.   Now I understand that there should some noises, but this girl hasn’t grasp the concept of quiet. 

I was glad that when our landlords bf came over (he hammered in on our side a latch, no it won’t stop them from coming over but it will show if they did get in our side) & of course, like the jackass george is (1 of the many people that live next to us), he said “if you’re going to complain about noise, you should keep the noise down too.  I’m texting our landlord”.

Her bf goes “open mouth insert foot” He knows just how loud we are on our side and they’re not quiet ever.  Not once since we’ve been here for almost 3 yrs has our landlord ever emailed us (ONLY once because we had loud sex but I fixed that mistake & no complaints have been made since) our volume.  That we we’re making too much noise and need to keep it down.  Our landlord used to live in the room next to us, so they know how little we are loud. 

For the most part, I keep it down.  I check my email, read, play a game (on low volume), yes I have listened to my music but even then its been to block out her noise.  2 hours a day, if that we watch a show which is kind of loud but otherwise you can’t hear it.  Especially breaking bad, that show is hard to hear when its quieter.  I do try to keep the volume down and I even ask my husband to keep it lower.  Same goes with his games, he puts it down when it gets later in the day.

I do clean and vaccum but there’s no way to keep that quiet.  I do know that I have annoyed a roommate on their side who was listening to music but hey what was I supposed to do when there is a lot of fur around? Look at it and hope it goes away?  My husband has the broom, I couldn’t use the wet mop that doesn’t really get all the fur then I have to use the vaccum to clean that up.  Stupid! 

While cleaning earlier, I did notice the door was moved.  Its normally closed all the way, when I was cleaning the rug in front of the door…I saw it was opened a bit.  Now when she left, the door was closed all the way so it proves to me someone has been opening it up.  If its not flush with the door like it was before then clearly someone has been moving it.  We shall see on Friday, were going to dave & busters vip event before it even opens to the public

Yay! Free drinks, food, and games.   Can’t wait!  If we get back and I see the lock has been moved, or that the rug has or that there is something in our sink, I will know.  And this will proof enough for our landlord that they will know hey someone has been in our apartment.

Put it this way, if our doors are locked how else is she getting in?  Yeah exactly through that seperates ours from her side.  I’m hoping that she does prove me right and that now our landlord will have to put in a lock of some sort on our side to prevent them from coming in. Time will tell….


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