Why Doesn’t He Believe Me?!

Published September 17, 2014 by sadistickitten

I’m really hurt & angry right now.  Not only is our landlord not believing in me but believes they wouldn’t dare come inside, but now my husband doesn’t believe me.

He’s saying that I’m making up the complaint about the noise because when he’s home he doesn’t hear it. Of course not, he’s in the pc room with his game going and music on from the game. When I’m in there with music on and my game going i don’t hear her either. Actually i still do but it’s not as bad.

But when you’re right next to the door sitting in the living room all you can do is hear her like she’s inside our apartment. She never learned the whole inside voices thing. Of course, she has gotten better with her volume recently after my email to our landlord. So that’s nice. But her daughter on the other hand, well she’s just as bratty& just as annoying.

But to call me crazy or a liar by not only our landlord but my husband too that’s just beyond rude. What’s funny is that my friends actually believe me because they know I’m not crazy. I might ge crazy over cats, or hello kitty but I’m not over this. I know what i saw in our sink & i smelt smoke from a cigarette I’m allergic & more sensitive to it. I’m so angry, hurt & mad right now it’s not even funny.


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