Email Our Landlord

Published September 16, 2014 by sadistickitten

I decided to bite the bullet, so what if my husband does not agree with my reasoning (why do men always think when you are emotional about something you’re crazy?!).  I told her that I believe they’ve been coming in on our side (I’m not crazy, I know what smoke smells like I’m allergic to it) and I told her that I found dried purple paint in the sink which isn’t from either of us. As further proof to her that yes someone has been in our apartment, at least 1 person but I’m pretty sure it’s been more than one. I know her mom has gotten in because I smelt her cig smoke.  She probably smoked in here as her way of saying fuck for getting my daughter kicked out of her room next to you.  Once again, not all my fault and I’m not even sure she is kicked out.  Our landlord could have changed her mind and allowed her to stay here.  Ugh of course she would because that would just be icing on the already fucked up cake.

Not only did our landlord NOT believe anyone was getting into our side, their reasoning “when are you gone, don’t you not work?” Yes I am here all the time (for now, till I can find a job) but I’m here during the day.  At night, we have gone out during the week for groceries, errands, picking up stuff off of craigslist etc. We have a right to leave our apartment and NOT have to worry about someone coming into to just because they have access to our side and we don’t.  I gave my reasoning, the response was that they will see about putting in a lock or a latch on our side as to prevent her access (or anyone else on their side to our side when we are gone).

Now, if our landlord cared more about our safety, this would have been done the minute that our landlord was no longer living beside us.  They respected our privacy and would not come over or knock unless they gave at least a notice, maybe not always 24 hours but at least hey tonight x time we can drop off x. You get the point.  Which was fine because we knew that our landlord would not come when we were out to mess around or steal stuff. Our landlord knew that would be a liability.

After our landlord moving out however, there should have been lock on our side put in to prevent them coming in so this be a non issue.  Once again, this is NOT my fault but our landlords’ for not thinking of our safety.  If they came in on our side while we were gone, we have no legal actions against them if they stole stuff, let the cats out or did anything to our place illegal reasons because there is no lock to prevent that.

If they cops got called, they would ask why there was not a lock or latch put in our side when the landlord moved out.  We would say we don’t know but that originally we were refused by our landlord to put one put because in their eyes, no one was getting in. Sorry but the cops won’t go ok that’s fine, no they couldn’t do a single thing! They would just laugh at us going ok sure.  Then they would go after our landlord legally and sue them for not keeping us protected and safe.  We could actually sue our landlord for not keeping us safe by allowing someone else access to our place.  So just because I’m here I’m safe?!

No sorry, I’m not!  If they can come in when we are gone, what prevents them from coming in when we are here?  What because we would hear them?!  Yeah then what would do?  It’s the same incident if someone stole stuff from your house but you failed to lock your doors.  Is that right that they go in and stole stuff? No it’s not, it’s not right.  Same applies here.  If the door is unlocked and accessible ONLY to her, and not us it’s the same as them stealing our stuff when we are gone and the doors are all unlocked.

We don’t know what type of person she is. Neither does our landlord, even if her brother already lives beside us.  Our landlord doesn’t know if he’s a pedophile or a rapist or even a criminal.  She’s a complete stranger!  You don’t walk up to a complete stranger and say hey btw you wanna move into the room next to our whole apartment and live there?  Sure, why not we trust you.  No no you wouldn’t.  Same applies here.

Besides that’s ILLEGAL not to have a lock or latch on our side to prevent entry from both sides getting in.  We would not go into her side and haven’t ever (was told once to shut the door in that room but that was because of the cable guy coming in) because we are good people.  Unlike the girl beside us, she is not.  And now that she’s been kicked out (yet she’s NO attempt at moving out, nor have I seen her move anything), wouldn’t you think she would have a reason to be mad at us and want to get into our apartment when we were gone to check stuff out or mess with things.  Hell for all we know, she could have put our toothbrush in the toilet (hey her mom is fucking crazy, we heard all about how insane she is), in her butt, etc. good thing I recently replaced my toothbrush head lol.  Women are known to be crazy they will do some crazy shit to your stuff.

I heard them talking loudly one day about how she was pissed off that I am making her move out.  That our landlord kicked her out all because of me (thanks for throwing me under the bus, they could have just told her that it was the last straw). I just hope that our landlord doesn’t let the mom move back in here again.  I will be rip shit because she will be over here all the time.  She won’t care.

I’m still waiting on a reply to my email about installing a lock or latch on our side.  I told them to let us know when someone can come over to put one on.  If I don’t hear a reply from them by the end of today, I’m going to email them back saying not just because of them coming in but legally there is supposed to be a lock on both side to prevent anyone from entering their private space when they are not home.  I won’t bring that up unless they do not response to my email and just ignore my response about putting one in.


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