Stop Getting Into Our Apartment

Published September 15, 2014 by sadistickitten

Just because we are not home, does not give you or anyone else on your side of the house to come into our apartment.  This has not only happened once, but it has happened several times before. 

After leaving the apartment to get pick up a poker table, I noticed that there was a smoke smell in our side.  Not only that but the rug that separates our apartment to her room has been moved, I also hear that door opening from time to time when I am upstairs doing yoga.  None of that is right!

I should explain, there is a door with a lock on her side that leads into our whole apartment that we rent from our landlord.  She rents a room, that’s right.  I said she rents a room and does a house share.  This does not give her rights to come into our apartment whenever we leave it.

Not only have I noticed those things, but I also our cats were acting like someone had been in our apartment (they do not like new people & act skiddish running around like someone new has been inside), there was dried up purple paint in our bathroom sink.  That was not from us, and when bringing the trash back I noticed purple paint in our trash can.  That is also not from us.

That means they were fooling around in our apartment while no one was here.  Which is against the law but since there’s a door separating it, I’m pretty sure the cops can’t be called for her violating our space, coming into our apartment.  Doing whatever they wanted.

Also noticed that my Hello Kitty were messed up.  I was wondering for the longest time why things looked out of place.  Who knows what they could have done.  If they used our TV, computer, bathroom (obviously I found paint in the sink), etc.

Does not matter if she nor her mom is pissed off at us for her getting kicked out.  For fucks sake, I heard her having sex and didn’t say anything!  Had I known what I do now, I would have knocked on her door saying something or calling the cops.  I did put my music because the last thing I wanted to hear was her screaming loudly.  Faking it but none the less screaming.  I’ve seen porns,  know faking it plus I have great orgasms I know fake ones when I hear them.

I also hate that her mom feels the need to use our damn trash to put all her fucking trash inside it.  They have a side where they can use their own trash, but does she? Nope she uses our side all the time.  If I catch her doing it again, I will say something to her.

Kicking her out won’t stop the mom from coming over though.  Her son lives next to us on her side.  What I want our landlord to make crystal clear is that they are not allowed in our side when or aren’t here.  Does not matter what their reason is.  When the realtors had showings, I never once went over on their side to look around.  That would be a violation of privacy. 

Not sure what legal action I have for her violating our space like she has been doing.  I do that every time I have ever seen her mom outside something in our apartment when we left, has been moved touched our changed.  I wish that we had access to the lock and not her.  But our landlord used to have that room as her bedroom so we were safe, we are not safe any longer.

I hate the feeling of not being safe in my own apartment.  I hate that at any time she can just walk into our side and just fuck around with whatever the hell she wants to.  Does not give the right just because she can.  I have had accesss before to her side but I didn’t walk around.  Plus our landlord told me that I could go in there and shut the door if I would like to.  So I did but that was before there was anyone living there it was emptied out.

I did see a lot of her clothes and belongings on the lawn earlier today.  I hope that means that she is officially moved out or mostly that is.  Because she did come back hours later to pick up more stuff, I assume because I heard a lot of noises.  I am hoping that she is gone so she will no longer have access to our side.  But emailing our landlord was a good idea because her mom will still come over, her son lives here. I just hope that our landlord didn’t let her mom live next to us again. Then the issue will continue to happen.


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