Top 10 Good Things

Published September 10, 2014 by sadistickitten

I always write these whenever I’m having a bad day, they make me feel better about my life and put things into perspective.  Sncee this week has been really crappy and its only wednesday , I’m going to do a 10 for each day so far.

Monday top 10:

1) had a great weekend with my husband

2) got a cool tea pot to put my tea to steep it

3) cats have been so loving

4) got some time to relax

5) got some time to read

6) she wasn’t here all the time

7) got errands done

8) set up reservations for our anniversary

9) watched some dvr shows

10) snuggled with my hubby

Tuesday top 10:

1) got some reading in

2) don’t live with D anymore

3) no matter how bad my day is, its better than living with him

4) got a bunch of stuff done

5) snuggled with ruffian

6) got some matted fur off of sir purrs

7) started feeling better

8) pimples are doing better

9) made mashed potatoes

10) cooked up scrambled hamburg

Wednesday top 10:

1) finally got boardwalk from sims 3 store

2) new clothes from old navy, saving a lot plus code saving $15

3) jeans aren’t so tight anymore

4) played bioschock infinite part 2 for awhile

5) 1hour till hubby comes home

6) its finally quiet here

7) listened to some music

8) relaxed more then I’ve done in awhile

9) watching boardwalk empire soon

10) my cats make me so very happy

Ok now I feel much better, always good to put stuff in perspective.


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