Published September 10, 2014 by sadistickitten

It must be a theme today, because I find the porn job (just posted about it) and I talked with the husband and we’re having sex tonight.  Earlier, I heard a lot of banging noises coming from next to us (the girl who’s an annoying bitch) so I go to bathroom and walking by their door I hear loud screaming, moaning noises and I’m like wtf they’re having sex?! 

What part of what our landlord told her didn’t she understand?  I can HEAR EVERYTHING that goes on in that room!!!  And if you’re going to have sex during the day, you might want to be I don’t know a little quiet.  Especially, when she knows that I’m currently not working!  DUH! 

When I have sex (our bedroom is upstairs) and I know someone is home, I do make sure to keep it down or scream into a pillow.  I don’t scream loudly so the whole neighborhood can hear me.  I should have called the cops saying “I hear a lot of noises from the apartment next to me, sounds like someone’s being killed”.  LOL that would have been funny! Plus, our bedroom being upstairs means that you don’t hear us as loudly as you would if our bedroom was in the room where we keep the pc.

The walls aren’t as thick as our landlord told us they were.  They are thicker then the doors, the door makes it like I’m in the same room as her.  So when I say I heard her having sex, I mean I heard her like I was having sex with her.  However, it didn’t sound like she was enjoying it because she sounded like she was doing a porno. That’s right, she was faking it.  Trust me, I know about what a real orgasm sounds like so I can tell you what does or doesn’t real.  I’ve seen her boyfriend and I’ve heard him, he’s no winner!  He’s someone that you see loser girls with because no else will go out with them.  She’s not very pretty, not ugly but nothing to write home about.  She’s less then average, she’s ok from far but up close you notice wow she’s fugly.



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