Having A Bad Week!

Published September 10, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ever just have a whole week that you just wish you could run away from or restart?  I’m having one now which doesn’t seem to end, it just keeps getting worse and worse as the week or day goes on.

What do I mean?  The other day I was sick as a dog, wasn’t feeling well and felt like I was dying. Think I had a bad stomach flu going around.  Plus I had some dehydration issues from being sick so I had to keep drinking tons of gatorade or water to replenish my fluids.

Lately, the girl who lives next to us has been super loud and more annoying then normal.  Even though our landlord has told her to keep it down while she still lives here, she thinks that’s just a suggestion. Or she thinks she’s above the rules.

To matters worse, I heard a lot of noise from her boyfriend moving things earlier and I was like wtf is up with all the banging well it was them banging.  Yup I heard fake moans next to me (I’m an expert on sex noises because mine are legit so I know what fake ones sound like plus I’ve seen porn to know what’s not real) they’re having loud sex. To block out her horrible noise, I blast my music because the last thing I want to hear is that all day long.  If I wanted to listen or watch porn I will but no I don’t want to right now.

I’ve been applying for jobs, nothing so far or it just hasn’t worked out.  That’s been fun. *insert sarcasm here* today, I found a job working as a receptionist at a porn place.  Hey I have nothing against porn, someone has to do it but I personally don’t want to.

I email them and they reply back, saying there is no sex involved in this job.  Great, what are the hours I say?  I get an email back saying m-f 9-5 with “would you mind giving the occassional bj to the guy you report to?” My boss you’re saying”?

Um no, I do not want to give a bj to anyone let alone my boss.  But he didn’t say boss, he said a guy that I report to so that might change.  I never felt so sexually harassed in an email and before even working at a place.  Gesh. Well I guess that’s my own fault for applying and trying to have an open mind. Like I said, I’ve got no problem with porn just don’t want to do it myself. That also means not giving an bj or hj or anything like that.  I replied back saying on 2nd thought I’ve changed my mind, thanks for your time.

Now, the girl next to us has brought over boyfriend again and he’s living there again (even though the landlord told her not to do that anymore, she clearly doesn’t listen) and bonus, they’ve got a dog who’s a pitbull.  Great, now those scare me because they were originally trained as killers as a species.  And sorry to people who love them, but they do on occasion turn on their owners and attack them.  Sometimes even killing them.  There’s a reason michael vick chose that breed.

Anyhoo, the dog has been barking at the door because he can smell my fear most likely or its the fact that there are 2 cats on the opposite side of the door that he can smell.  Cats that aren’t afraid of dogs but dogs tend to bark at and growl. 

The dog has been doing that at me and the cats for awhile.  That has been super fun on my part.  They also let him outside to roam the neighborhood without a leash or anything keeping him in the yard (there is no fence either visible or otherwise) so he’s now roaming around outside doing whatever.  Dogs like those typically don’t like me and the fact that you never should trust a dog without its own present doesn’t really make me feel safe.  I would like to get the mail since its already 3pm but I’m assuming that the dog will see me and start charging me.  Compared to him, he’s got the upper advantage because I’m afraid of dogs all of them due to an accident when I was a little girl involving one that jumped at my face trying to hurt me. That was oh so pleasant.

I’ve been getting up super early in the am, yesterday it was 3am today it was a little bit before 6pm.  Which isn’t so bad but I did go to bed late because it took me awhile to fall asleep. My husband likes it freezing with the a/c on so I had to put on many layers to keep myself warm.  It wasn’t till after midnight that I could actually get some sleep, more like 1am.

As you can see, this week hasn’t been the greatest in the world.  I was hoping that today I could at least just relax and try to recoup after having such a shitty day yesterday but that’s not gonna happen. Now its almost time for my husband to get home and I’m too high strung right now.  I need to read and relax to calm myself or else someone will have to call the police because of the smell of a dead body meaning mine because I’m gonna have a heart attack.


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