Applying For Jobs

Published September 10, 2014 by sadistickitten

Here’s the ad that I applied to:


I’ve been looking for work for awhile now (who isn’t right?) well, I was looking at jobs on craigslist earlier.  I saw one for a receptionist at a porn company.  Now I’m not a prude so I figured meh why not?!  As long as the job doesn’t involve taking part in the sex scenes or doing anything sexual I’m ok with working with people who do that stuff.  As long as I’m not involved in that who cares right?

I email them and they email me back, I ask making sure “I wouldn’t be involved with scenes right?” I was reassured that no there will be no sexual stuff involved in my job.  I’m ok with working with people who do porn, hey everyone needs to work right?!  Porn is a big industry!  If they were looking for a woman who does receptionist stuff and sexual stuff, put that stuff inside that section of craigslist not in the ads for a real job.

Anyway, he tells me about my job and my duties.  Then I ask ok cool, what are the hours.  I get this back as a response:

m-f 9-5. do you mind giving the now and then bj to the guy you report to?

Yes, yes I DO mind giving the “occasional bj” to my boss!  I’ve never been sexually assaulted BEFORE getting job or even an interview.  I said NO sex stuff, what part didn’t he understand?!  If you’re going to say, well it’s a porn place what you expect?! Then to be professional?  I mean I’m not working as a performer why do I need to give a bj every once and awhile?  Um wtf?  Now I feel so dirty and used. 

I’m not new to nudity, I’ve been to events where people have been naked before and at first I will admit it was very odd.  I’ve seen pornos before (who hasn’t?) so that’s nothing new to me either.  Once again, not a prude!  It does take awhile to get used to but meh it’s nothing. 

Anyhoo, that just wasn’t what I was expecting.  When they replied with that i said “on 2nd thought, I’m good. Thanks for your time”. It’s what I always say to companies I’ve checked out that are scams, not worth the drive, hours, etc. I just wish that craigslist had the option again on there to report and reply to them saying “don’t bother with unless you’re interested in doing porn”. Because clearly they don’t want a receptionist, they want a porn star!  smdh How do I get myself into these situations?!


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