Tenant Next To Us

Published September 6, 2014 by sadistickitten

Tenant next to us (we rent a whole side of a house the other side is a house share), has been told by our landlord to move out.  That was a week ago, her bf has moved out a day after I sent an email telling our landlord that the friend is still here with the child. 

I was told that she needs to save money before she can move out to pay for a deposit and that was a week ago.  Was hoping the family would be out of here asap. However that is not the case and the girl was taking it seriously but is now not.  Instead she’s having her drama filled mother stay over, and her bratty children as well.

They still fail to understand that I can hear every detail that goes on in there and don’t want to.  They need to learn to keep their dumb ass mouths shut. Sorry but I’m sick of hearing their bratty kids, her and her mom bitching at each other every week (like I’m living with my parents, I’m over 30 living on my own I don’t need this shit), her drama filled life (as if this is the worst thing to happen to her, please I’ve had enough bad things happen to me in the past few months or years). I’ve had to deal with living with a man who hates me putting me down every day and having to live there because otherwise I would be homeless.

Can you say that I’ve dealt with more then her? Yeah you sure can.  Anyhoo, that’s what I’ve been dealing with day in and day out since she moved almost a yr ago.  I’m hoping that the landlord gave her x amount of time for her to leave because this is just ridiculous.  She’s going to use the landlord to keep staying longer because she will continue to say that she needs to save for a deposit.  Bullshit. She could get the money from her bfs family, her mom, her brother, or she could borrow money from the bank. 

Besides, she’s looking for a place to stay that is cheap, there are tons of cheap places I’ve seen that will work with someone who doesn’t make as much as my husband does.  There are plenty of places where she can take her welfare family and move to.  She’s saying this because she’s delaying it, trying to get sympathy from our landlord and have our landlord take pity on her.  Smh. I just hope that our landlord gets annoyed enough and breaks telling her she exactly 2 weeks to move or that’s it.

What the girl next to us doesn’t know, they have had people come already to look at the room to rent it.  People have already checked it out, of course our landlord will have to clean it out and fix it up before someone can move into it because its nasty the way it is.  I haven’t seen it but I can smell it from the other side of our door. Its really gross smelling.  We had to buy an air freshener in our computer room because the smell is so bad, I mean its got a bad funk in there now.  Smh its so rude of her to do this too. 

Its funny because the landlord told me to let them know if there is any more problems with her, if she’s loud etc. The girl doesn’t know how to stfu and clearly neither do her children. I’m a girl but even I don’t talk that much.  I mean come on, stfu already. Why do you need to talk all the fucking time?

Needless to say, I will be happy when she’s gone.  I might even throw a party just because I can.  I was trying my best to keep it down but clearly that’s not gonna happen so now I don’t care and have decided to be as loud as I want to.  Fuck her!  You don’t respect me with keeping the peace and being respectful to your neighbors then don’t expect me to do the same.


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