Family From Hell

Published August 27, 2014 by sadistickitten

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that i don’t want children. I don’t hate them, just can’t stand bratty children. Bad parenting to blame there.

Anyway, our landlord decided it was a great idea to move in a mom w/2 bratty children next to us.  Before this, it was only the annoyingly loud mom who wouldn’t shut up (that’s not any better) but now all of a sudden there are 2 kids beside us and a dad. 

For the past few weeks now, I’ve had to put up with screaming, yelling, running, jumping next to us.  Our whole apartment is on the other side of her door. We can hear everything that takes place in that room.  Now, I understand that kids can be loud at times (however when we moved in it was just our landlord there i miss those days) but now it’s just loud every once and awhile, it’s loud every day ALL day long!

Those kids shouldn’t be screaming, yelling running INSIDE the house that should be done outside. When living in a place where there are other tenants beside you, you should teach your children to keep it down. Not just because i don’t want kids but because it’s respectful. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were quiet at all or not noisy for a few hours during the dy, but these brats are like their mom they don’t know when to stfu.

At night, I like to relax reading my book and i deserve some quiet especially when i don’t have kids, i shouldn’t have to hear them.  Unfortunately for me, i do hear them every day and all the time. At night, people like to relax and kick back after a long day. Not so with these brats, they don’t know the meaning of it.  To top it off, these kids do that all nigt long time after 10pm and they’re young, under their teens maybe 9 or 10 they should be in bed before then. 

If i hear this again today, that’s the last straw I’m emailing our landlord to complain. After all, something should be done. I shouldn’t have to put up with this all the time. I don’t care of she doesn’t like it but come pn now, if you live next to other people have a little respect and keep the volume down.

It had been nice living here, i enjoyed it till our landlord moved in her!  Ever since then, it’s pure hell and I’ve hated it!  They have zero concept of silence or respect for others. Our whole apartment is on the other side of this bitch’s door!  Doesn’t she get that we might not want to hear that?!  Try teaching your kids some respect for once in your life. I should be able to enjoy my apartment without having to hear that every day. 

Here’s my email to our landlord:

Dear X,

Hi, hate to bother you but can you talk with the couple living next to us about their noise volume and their children not sceaming, yelling & running around in the room next to our whole apartment?  It’s been happening all day, every day!  Could you please make them understand that we can hear everything that goes on in that room and would rather we didn’t hear it. 

Can their children please use another room to play and not do it right beside us?  It’s gotten so bad that they’re doing it all the time and into the evening, it doesn’t stop almost 11pm.  At night, we like to relax and kick back having some quiet time when we don’t hear a lot of noise.  However, we don’t get that. We get loud noises all night long. 

Please can you talk with them about this, thanks x



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