Another Showing

Published June 4, 2014 by sadistickitten

It seems like every freaking month, there is either a private showing or am open house by the fucking realtor.  She is such a cunt! Using her “friend” like that is so freaking low! I’ll be glad when we’re away from here and in Florida so we never have to deal with another fucking open house or private showing again.

Our landlord last we knew, maybe that’s changed? Doesn’t want to sell, she loves it here but had to put her house up because of her jerk of an ex husband. There are other ways to get his be off the lease but he now g a dumb ass male, doesn’t want to do. So instead he’s making her sell it. Even though he knows she’s got tenants meaning us who live here.

We’ve been here since 2 yr ago, going on 3 this October. We now have a new tenant next to us (preferred when it was just her who was here) who’s a huge annoyance & a real bitch. She has no consideration for anyone else & brings her daughter here every Wednesday night (who’s very young & likes to scream, yell & jump & down at night when people are trying to relax), plus on Saturday night’s too. Not bothering to tell her daughter to keep it down, no because that would be considerate which would be a stretch for her.

Even though we rent a side of the house, it’s like we’re living with her because she talks so very loudly in her room. Our whole side is on the opposite side of her room, & she knows this bit doesn’t care. Our bedroom thank God is upstairs which is nice so I don’t have to hear her while trying to sleep. Otherwise, I would have to kill her.  But I do block her pit by playing music or else I’d hear all her phone conversations & bullshit high school drama. Clearly she needs help!  She’s the type of woman I can’t stand, drama filled, talkative (dude even I don’t talk that much), annoying & fucking loud.

Anyway, we just received an email from our landlord about an hour or so ago saying that there is a private showing for tomorrow at 10:10am. Now for there to be a showing, she HAS to tell us 24 hrs prior or there is no showing.  It’s against the law to pull what the realtor and our landlord is doing. We could complain and say no, or we could sue.  Now here’s the problem with either, we need her as a reference for any place we move to next so doing that could screw up our chances.

I will let the realtor know tomorrow that 24 hr notice will be done from now on, it’s against the law to pull what she’s doing and she knows it but she doesn’t care because she’s a fucking cunt. If we sue, it would be the realtor not our landlord because she isn’t the person who set up the appointment, that’s the realtor’s fault. I’ll even give her pur # and email address to make sure she lets us know 24 hours ahead of time from now on. No more last minute bullshit! She will learn!

Our landlord claims she texted us about it already.  Which I’m pretty sure is bullshit because she knows our #s I gave it to her in an email months ago & how to get a hold of us.  My husband is saying bit she’s been so good to us, yes but that still doesn’t excuse her from this.  This is inexcusable and when we said by email for the 50th time, she said yes it’s supposed to be 24 hour notice. See, she knows & she either forgot about it till she got home or she is saying her ass because she forgot.  I’m pretty sure it’s the saving her ass thing because when she’s ever had to come over to replace, repair, fix etc she’s made sure to email us about.  Not text, not call not smoke signals no email. That’s why I’m so fucking pissed off right now.

Doesn’t that just seem odd that she’d not Email when all she’s ever done t get a hold if us is email us?  Yeah I thought so too. It just doesn’t add up. But the joke is on her and realtor because unlike previous times, I’m not cleaning up. I’m not washing the dishes, nor am I putting away laundry, or am taking anything off the rack downstairs in laundry room. It will stay as dirty as it is. Tuesday is usually my cleaning day but I changed it up today & dyed my roots.  Good thing too because I almost waited till tomorrow to do it and I would have been pissed. Sometimes things do happen for a reason.

Well I’m gonna try to sleep be that I’ve gotten this out. I just needed to vent!

Nighty night all ❤


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