Am I the only woman?

Published May 22, 2014 by sadistickitten

Am I the only woman who hates being around people during her time of the month?  I wonder about that because I feel like I am.  It is not just men that drive me crazy (I don’t mean my husband because he’s been with me long enough to know not to piss me off during that time), it is also women.

Now normally, I can’t take catty women who all they do is eat drink, sleep drama!  Those women give us good women a bad name.  That’s why all men think all of us women are the same, when we are not.  I’ve never been catty nor do I care for drama, I avoid it but like bad luck it does came back to haunt from time to time whether you like it or not.  Just called a part of life.

Anyway, during that time of the month I just can’t stand women talking and talking a lot.  Even more than normal.  I just want to take them and scream stfu, no one cares to hear you.  But what’s worse then women talking? That would babies, kids, aka children.  I don’t care for them but during that time, it is like you add fire to my already disklike for them.

I know not all kids are annoying, and it is their parents faults for teaching them poorly but still kids during that time of the month, just make me wanna kill!  I mean it, it is like a trigger to me.  Same goes with women in general.  Not all women, just those annoying ones who have kids and all they want to do is talk, show and gasp about how adorably cute they are. Ugh that’s all I gotta say. 

I don’t hate kids, no I just care for them in general. And I know, people will probably from now on call me a horrible human being oh well I’m putting it out there, I hate babies!  That’s right, you just read that right.  I loathe babies!  I find them ugly, gross, disgusting little creatures.  So please, to everyone out there stop telling me about babies.  This goes for my mom too, she’s always calling me to tell me “so and so had their baby” sorry but mom but I don’t care. 

I could not care less about this couple or that couple either is pregnant or that this couple or that had or is having a child.  Please stop telling me this mom, I don’t care to hear it.  I don’t want kids, you know this right?  Why would I care if someone had a child when I myself doesn’t want any?  Please explain this to me.

That might sound heartless to you but not everyone wants a baby or a child.  Some of us over here, doesn’t want them for many reasons.  When people are rude and ask why not or how come or the ever popular you’ll change your mind bullshit, it makes me want to not scream.  The reasons I don’t want kids world is none of your damn business.  If I don’t want kid, that’s my personal business which means its none of yours.

Next time some jerk asks me those questions, I’m going to just tell them to leave me alone or walk away if either of those options can work.  Or just tell them the truth, its none of their business.  Basically asking someone have you tried for kids or are you having kids is pretty much asking a couple are you guys having a lot of sex? Once again, not a very appropriate conversation for someone to ask.  Especially if that person (and it usually is) a stranger.  Even a co worker someone you don’t really know asks this, its still not an appropriate thing to ask.  Nor will I bother answering it.

Maybe the reason (not really but it could be) that someone doesn’t want to have kids is because they can’t have them, they are indeed infertile.  But instead of getting tested, they just don’t care.  They just instead leave it alone and move on.  Why must we ask such inappropriate questions? God, people suck.  This is yet another reason why I’m antisocial!


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