I loathe people

Published May 15, 2014 by sadistickitten

Seriously, I do!  Why you ask?  Because people suck that’s why. I live with my husband in a split house, we have 1 whole side to ourselves that we pay rent that’s way higher then anyone next door (they rent a room) & house share. Yet, they have access to our landlord’s garage that’s pretty big & here’s the kicker, they can use it too.

They can put their bikes, extra crap, boxes, etc all inside it but us who have lived here for twice as much as everyone else has, can not. Now I’m not saying that I’ve got tons to put in there but still wtf?  Is it fair they can use it any time they want but we can’t?  Is that even fair?

Our landlord no longer even replies to our emails anymore, she just ignores us yet has no issues cashing our checks every fucking month. Are you kidding me right now?  Yet if something happens on their side, now that’s a different story. Our landlord no longer lives over there since our landlord moved in with their significant other.

We have a small storage area under our stairs that we use which yes I’m sure they don’t have on their side & are renting a room but since we pay more shouldn’t we get the same privileges too?  I think so.

We were told to keep it quiet or keep it d ooh an when an older lady moved in. Um when are we super loud?  That lady was always yelling into her damn phone & talking like she was using a megaphone. Now, it’s a bratty child who likes to scream & yell at all hours of day or night.

Especially when I’m trying to relax. Hoe is it fair to tell us to keep it down yet they have zero consideration for us on this side?!  They blare their death metal, talk super loudly in the room next to our whole apartment, make loud noises at night & park in our parking spot or park so they’re blocking anyone from exiting. Yeah they’re super great!

I so can’t wait to move to FL now that’s for sure. Yes I’ve heard all the bad stuff about moving, however I’ll deal with it as long as it gets me away from this shit. Not to mention, the melodrama that’s ever going on over there too. I’m constantly hearing someone talking about this or that.

Now if you tell me, but aren’t you easy dropping on them?  Not if they talk so loudly you can hear them in your side of the place you’re not. Yesterday it was her crying over something acting like her life is over. If she could spend 1 week in my shoes, or even the past year that would open her eyes and see how good she’s got it. She’s not the one who’s paying triple the rent she is & paying for oil on top of that. No of course not.

Before this however, her mom (her brother a loser who’s as dumb as his other roommate who’s even more “simple” as our landlord calls him) was living here till she flirted with the simplest dude over there & then she left. There was a huge fight between the boys about his mom.  See it’s a freaking soap opera & I’m living smack dab in the middle of it!  It’s fucking ok insane!  Ugh I so wanna move!

But we can’t because sadly this is the better of the places out there & if we’re gonna move, it should either be when the house sells or when we move to FL. Which won’t be for at least a year from now, maybe more. Argh!  FML!


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