Drama for your mama?

Published April 15, 2014 by sadistickitten

My husband the other night, overheard 2 of our neighbors yelling at each other.  They both share a room, one of them has a mom living with them (wow I would so NOT want to live with my parents again) & apparently she’s been coming on to the other guy who lives with them. She’s been trying to date him and he flirted with her touched her butt in a non bad way he says (mostly like not bad because he’s not stupid) but she found it hurtful. She’s a bitch from what I hear of her, the woman can.t stop talking. 

Not only that, but she doesn’t talk quietly she’s very loud about it too. She’s got zero respect for others & she’s always yelling at the others in there. I heard her talking with said guy and he sounded annoyed with her. It’s her own fault, if she can’t tell when a guy just not that into to you by her age, she’s gotta be in her 50s late early 60s.  Yet she talks like she’s in her teens, it’s so annoying.

Childish more like it. Oh & he also overheard that the other guy is trying to get his sis to move in too. Wtf?!  He acts as well as his bitch mom, that they own the place!  His sis has 2 kids & I know for a fact the landlord won’t allow kids to live in that apartment because they’ve already had trouble with a previous renters that had kids that destroyed the place. That landlord was worried about others, that’s why she rents to older people not ones with kids nor young couples who might want them.  Good thing we don’t wan.t kids of our own or we could be kicked out. Interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.  I just hope they don’t make the landlord by tricking to allowing the 2 brats move in. Yes I know they’re brats, I’ve seen them visit & hard them. Nothing but trouble & loud!  Ugh.


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