I’ll always love her!

Published March 20, 2014 by sadistickitten

My dad called earlier but I didn’t hear him till I went to the bathroom. My hubby has a weekly poker event every Saturday night, well at least for the next 9 weeks. Then he might be working then. Guess we’ll have to wait & see.

The message my dad left, was so depressing and sad. I knew just by talking to him that something was up.  Didn’t even have to call him to know it was about my grandmother.  Sure it could have been something about my mom or him but something in my gutt was telling me that wasn’t the case. 

I called him back, and found out that it was about my grandmother. Right away, my dad goes its about your grandmother she’s in the dementia ward.  She’s not physically hurting anyone but she’s lost mentally. Which wasn’t news to me because my mom had already told me she was losing it. I saw her around Xmas and was not herself and I was thankfully for my aunt and uncle being there because otherwise I would have cried.  She didn’t seem like herself.

Just because I knew she was losing it, and I knew all about it but that doesn’t make it less sad. I remember when my grandfather was put in the dementia ward years ago, he was physically hurting people when he was really bad. I never saw him really bad but I heard stories plus I saw my other grandfather had cancer and it was getting pretty bad  towards the end.  He had dementia too but nothing they could do because he was pretty much gone by then.

It is just sad to see someone you love go through that. I live 2 hours away from my grandmother so it is not like I can go and see her whenever I want.  Now after hearing this, it makes me glad that I can’t watch her get worse.  I can hear from my parents but not know first hand.  The thing is, she has always been so great to me.  She unlike the rest of my family, excepts me for not wanting kids and who I really am.  When I told her that everyone sees me as the black sheep, she said just ignore them.  You’re not the black sheep, you are just perfect the way that you are.  A great person whom I love. She also told me to do what I am doing ignoring those who doesn’t or don’t agree with me. 

She unlike my father, loves my hair color black.  My dad hate it and likes to mention it often, how much he truly hates my color hair as black.  But now I can never change my hair color because she loves it so much.  


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