This Deal Keeps Getting Worse All The Time

Published March 2, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ok so we’ve been living here for at least 2 yrs now, this October it will be 3 yrs.  Recently our landlord sent a letter saying that her ex husband is making her sell the house because his name is on it and wants to buy a guy for himself.  She’s tried other things but he’s still not letting up on this at all and keeps making a huge deal of it so much so that he’s court ordered her.  Which means she’s had to put her house on the market, starting as of today actually.  She had a realtor come on our side (it’s a split house, one side is all ours that we rent as an apartment & the other side is hers) who came down with very little notice to me.  I didn’t really get the place looking as good as I would have wanted it to.  But it wasn’t too bad because we knew ahead of time that a realtor would show up so we made sure to get things cleaned and organized ahead of time.  But still, I hate not having the place looking its best when people come over you know?

We were told that because of how much our landlord owes to the house to the bank, that they can’t get as much money that she owes to the bank.  Meaning most likely no one is going to be able to buy the place from her or her ex husband.  Then we have someone come in and take pictures of the place.  Here I was thinking a bunch of everything however, it was only 2 or 3 pictures.  After I had spent hours cleaning and organizing the place really just pissed me off.  Husband said, don’t worry about it you did a great job and I like how you did it.  So that made me feel good!  We get to enjoy it even if it wasn’t for the realtor’s website (I’m guessing).  No clue but I wanted my place to look nice because someone does miraculously buy the place and WAY more than it’s worth (which is very highly unlikely), I want this place to look nice.  I don’t want to get kick out because our place looks like crap, I want to stay here.  At least as long as it takes for us to get enough money to move into another place that is.     I would rather get another place before I get kicked out of this place first.

So that’s been going on, if that’s not bad enough and stressful our landlord upped the ante today.  My husband’s gone talking with a guy about a new job that he is maybe getting (most likely will but not till May) and I’m here trying to relax reading. However, there a lot of noises next door because someone is moving into the former room that was our landlord’s.  It’s someone’s mom that already lives on that side of her house, they rent a room which is basically like what 200 or 300 a month.  We pay way more than that because we have a whole part all to ourselves with no one else living with us.  I get that she needs to pay off the money that she owes the bank.  I’m ok with someone else being there, what I didn’t like was this.

My husband contacted our landlord to ask if one of the tenants could possibly move their vehicle out of the driveway (we rarely use the driveway but once a week, is it that hard to ask to have some space once a week? I don’t think so) and we got his phone number to ask him.  That’s fine but then our landlord writes in the email that we should keep it down.  That be aware its his mom.  Um wtf are you kidding me?!  That’s just fucking rude!!!  We are pretty quiet most of the time, but once a week yeah we are loud with people coming over.  Not only that but it’s the fucking weekend!  For her to say, remember to keep it down.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  She pays rent for A ROOM, we are paying three times more then that fucking lady does.  Don’t fucking say to us to keep it down.  I don’t care if his mom is on the other side, it’s a Saturday night for christ sake.  If she doesn’t like it, then don’t move into a place where you rent a room!!!  Deal with it bitch!  It’s not like it’s during the week, not like it’s at 1 am it’s during the weekend.  And what else pissed me off?  We’ve been having these poker events for 2 yrs now, our landlord should have told HER that we have these every Saturday night.  After all, we’ve been living here longer so she should have been warned that we have this every week!  *smh. It’s just so wrong of our landlord to come down on US because someone’s moved into that room.  So what, she didn’t care to tell us prior to that person being moved in.  Hell, she’s NEVER told us about anyone moving into any room in the place.  It’s just funny that she chose that room to pick, like out of all the rooms there’s like 4 or 5 rooms on her side (I’ve heard) that she could move into and she choses that one?  Why? Of all rooms?!  Ugh. She just better keep her damn self down during the week that’s all I gotta say.  I make sure to be loud otherwise.

What I’m looking forward to now is my husband making money at his new job, so we can move into another place where we don’t have to deal with such bullshit anymore.  Because this whole shit about her telling US to keep it down, it’s just beyond rude and disrespectful.  It’s not a “school night” it’s a fucking Saturday night, it’s the fucking weekend we deserve to have people over during the weekend and enjoy their company. We have that right, we pay rent and we pay it on time as well as we pay more then of her house shares next to us.  She can’t afford to kick us out so I’m not worried about her coming down on us or saying shit.  It’s a weekend, and they don’t go till 1am.  Midnight but it’s a Saturday night not a day during the week.  She can’t tell us not to have people over or that we can’t have his poker events anymore because of the noise.  Please, I’ve heard noises at 1am DURING the week when she was living in that room next us (she now lives with her boyfriend) so to say that shit to us?  It’s beyond rude!  argh, Ok getting it off my chest makes me feel better.

Thanks for listening. ❤ I just needed a good bitch fest & to vent.


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