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Published February 27, 2014 by sadistickitten

My FIL is a jerk, sorry but it’s true.  He talks all high & mighty but I’ve heard from other people that the reason they treat him so nicely (same goes for my mil) is because they feel sorry for them.  They’re poor so people will treat them nicely even when my fil is saying how he wants to have sex w/a waitress not just in front of me but in front of his wife & the rest of his family. Um eww gross, not to mention rude & inappropriate. Truth be told, they’re both not good looking people. Which is odd because both their kids look nothing like them, good looking. Ok not that I want to date my  bil just saying he’s not ugly.

My hubby & I make fun of them all the time as well my family. But the other day when I made my comments ever since he’s been nothing but quiet about them. Really now I’ve offered you too?!  Oh come on now, he’s put down my family nearly before in his jokes.  Besides, I wasn’t even as mean as he is.  I was just saying that I’m proud of my parents & they look younger then their age.  I made a joke that about his parents needing a scooter, God his dad even has one he drives around. His mom is not an active person, she’s gaining weight. Must be why she hadn’t said a thing mean to her son’s lately.

My mom isn’t skinny nor is she really pretty either, I’ll admit that. My dad’s better looking then my mom is. I’m prettier then both of them, not ego truth.  So fir him to be so uppity about his parents is just really wrong!  He’s called her the crypt keeper before & other mean things. My dad was annoyed with my fil too when we all got together. My fil tells some tall takes, you can’t believe them & have to look at them as I’d they’re a narration not truth.  He’s a mean & deceitful person. 

His own daughter used to tell me tales about how he’s done things & she’s ashamed of him for it. Man, she really hated him!  Her mom, she thought was totally innocent & she was staying with your mom because she had to. Wow that’s not true, I can tell & besides, her dad talks high & mighty but he couldn’t get any of what he says.  He comes off as a creepy perve.

It just pissed me off that we can’t both laugh about it & make jokes like we normally do. If his dad pulls shit one more time like his little high school drama, trying to paint me in a bad light ever again I’ll block him & never look back. I deserve better then that especially when hrs said more offensive shit to me then is believable. I am happy that we live so far away from them, mine too because if I had to see them all the time I’d die!  His dad gives me a creepy guy & makes a gross offensive noise eewwwww gross then kisses me on the cheek.  It’s not my fault that I’m pretty, I can’t help it!  As I’ve gotten older, I became prettier. I was the ugly duckling in school.  Didn’t bloom till I was 18 & almost put of there.

I get hit on all the time online, getting pervy notes & offensive things said to me but I have to put up with it. I just delete it & move on. I was asked once by a person I knew of my husband was adopted because he looks nothing like his parents. I was like no he’s not. Going out to places with his parents I’m embarrassed because fir one they’re ugly, but also because his dad is offensive. Yet he’s mad because he knows what I said was true.  He just didn’t want to face the facts so he blew up like a child. Plus he flies off the handle if you tell him he’s not this or that.  Sorry but even others so t say you’re with them unless you have proof that you’re at least 30-40% I know, I checked this information online. From people who are that. It doesn’t just matter to the government.
He also ripped off the dj, his wife doesn’t know this though. He doesn’t even know that we know but the dj (we didn’t want & asked not fir him not listening to our wishes) kept bitching about it to my husband throughout our whole reception. Yeah that’s how we both wanted to spend our time you asshat!  I blame both in this one though. I’m sure if I dug deep enough, or even cared for that matter (in which I don’t), I’d find more in his closet.  His own daughter told me some nasty things she said even her mom doesn’t know. Proof right there.

Ok I’ve spent far too long being angry at that miserable old man it’s time to clear him from my mind. Besides, I don’t see him much & I ignore him online. To think he wanted my dad’s fb page. Even if my dad had one, no way would my dad give to him. My dad & pretty sure my mom don’t care for him either. It’s not just me.


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