Slow Your Roll!

Published February 26, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ok please explain me to how this fair.  The minute I first met this man (he’s my FIL btw) he makes his comments about “as long as I have a face, you will always have a place to sit”. Um wtf did you just say?!  That’s pretty rude and obnoxious!  Don’t you think?  I mean think about it for a minute, isn’t that just disgusting?!  It’s bad enough if it’s coming from someone who isn’t your future father in law, but to coming from someone who will be?  Um eww that’s just nasty.

He was making his comments, being rude (like he always is) online & I made a few innocent comments about my parents.  Having NOTHING to do w/he nor how his wife might or might not look.  I am proud of my parents on how they look.  All the time, my parents are being told “you’re over 60? NO way” which is true, they look like they’re in the 40s.  They take care of themselves and unlike my in laws they do not smoke.  Which ages you at least 10 years and the more and more you get older the more and more you look older than you really are.  I hate to say this but when I was working at a place over 10 years ago, a former coworker comes up to me and says “wow your husband sure doesn’t get his looks from his parents, is he adopted.” wow she said it not me. They also thought that they were elderly because they have looked that way for many years now. It’s completely true actually.

I actually thought that they were elderly the first time that I met them.  This will teach all the kids out there that smoke a good lesson, if you don’t want to look all wrinkled up and gross, looking 10 plus years older then do not smoke ladies and gentlemen!


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