House Put On Market

Published February 26, 2014 by sadistickitten

Our landlord is putting her hours on the market,  we were told about it by a letter that was sent to our apartment on Thursday.  She’s been going through a divorce and has been for some time now.  She has tried many things to get his name off the lease, but he’s a stubborn asshole and won’t do them.  Instead, she’s court ordering her to put her house on the market. Asshat!

She lives with her boyfriend so she’s barely here anymore but she loves it here and needs to money so she’s been renting rooms to a bunch of people.  Now they’re up to 4 people but I’m told there are a lot of rooms on that side (wouldn’t know I’ve never seen any of them, except her bedroom when the cable guy came to install and update the wires). 

She came by this weekend and warned us that her realtor would be by sometime to take pictures but would she would give at least 24 hour notice so we can make sure the place is presentable.  Last night, before tony and I were going to bed she calls to tell us that tomorrow at 9am she and her realtor would be by to take pictures.

That is by means no way near 24 notice, hell it is not even 12 hour notice because it was right before bed.  Come on now, if you want to get pictures taken give someone time to tidy up and get stuff ready.  Don’t give them last minute and late notice.  I’m pretty pissed that she would do that too.  No way she didn’t know sooner. 

She recently went through her room that is next to our part of the apartment (it is a house that a split, we have our side all to ourselves & a bunch of people share her side. Since her got rid of things in her room, she’s decided to keep her door open because it is empty. Which is great for her, but not so great for us.  Because the people on her side like to talk right in front of the damn door VERY loudly being extremely rude.

Now, I can hear every conversation they have and one person in particular named George can’t shut the fuck up.  Not only is he worse then women who (he gossips just like they do) talk and talk, if that’s not bad enough, the asshole talks very loudly!  I don’t care that you lost your house, or that you have an appointment tomorrow or your views on Sue’s situation, I don’t want to know so keep that to yourself or at the very least keep your damn mouth shut.  Or try to be less rude and more quiet. I’m a woman and even I don’t talk that much dear lord give the guy a mussle! 

I make sure to keep it pretty quiet over here, I expect the same from others.  It is beyond rude to do what he is doing, I tried to show him how it feels by talking right near the door and even told him to shut the fuck up just to see if he could hear me and guess what? He could!  Ha ha, how does it feel assholes? 

Only a half an hour more till they arrive, well supposively. People are late.


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