Great Just Great

Published February 8, 2014 by sadistickitten

Looks like I’ve got an abscess…AGAIN! Are you kidding me?! To give myself credit, I haven’t had one since I was in my early teens & then it wasn’t my fault. My cousin hit my head into the copping (hard white stuff that surrounds the pool & no my cousin nor her father my uncle paid 1 dime to fix my tooth… the nerve of some people. Oh & no I’m sorry when I’m crying b/c it hurt either) of the in ground swimming pool. She didn’t do on purpose but she broke 1 of my front teeth (it’s later why I never smiled & still don’t) in half. In doing so, I got to have a root canal @ a young age (most people don’t have this till they are older). I finally got a crown just a few yrs ago on that very tooth. Hey dental work is expensive!

Anyhow, after having paid off the dentist on getting it done she mentions that she sees a deformation in my gum line. She wasn’t sure it was an abscess or not but she thought maybe. At the time however, I wasn’t feeling any pain & it didn’t hurt so I just let it go. However now I started feeling the pain a few days ago & thought it might be a canker sore or because I was overzealous with using baking soda to whiten the gum line (it can scrape the gum line if you’re too rough which I admit I was).

Then I was looking in the mirror & the pain started to get more severe & painful, instead everyone once & awhile this pain didn’t want to go away. Making it hard to sleep or concentrate. I looked in the mirror and saw my upper lip was a bit swollen, not a huge amount but noticeable enough to me.

Started researching online & found out yup that’s what I’ve got, a tooth abscess. Scary to think but if not treated soon enough, it could lead to death! It goes into your blood stream & it could get to your organs. Since I’ve had this type before, I’m not really too worried about that but just a bit stressed out & worried about having to pay for it all! :(Luckily, my husband found out about dentist school so hopefully that will help bear with the cost.

All night I’ve been icing, gargling, taking otc meds, and drink in Camille tea because I read this all helps to bring down the swelling & stop it from spreading. When you’re sick, the Internet is a scary place because no matter what you look up it seems that everything “might lead to death”. Right there, that scares me! I’m not ready to die! I don’t want to die, I want to live & even though I’m not the best person, I’ve got no job, doesn’t mean I want to die! I can get a job, be a better person, read more books, become more intelligent, etc.

I have things to live for & I’m pretty sure my husband even he jokes about things, doesn’t want me to die over this either. My parents even though prefer my sis, they do love me & would be upset that I died. Plus, wouldn’t that be the lamest way to die?! I can see the headlines “woman dies of a tooth abscess” um wtf?! That’s just awful, pretty sure blood poisoning isn’t the best feeling when you die either. Probably hurts..not that I’d know.

Well I should take my pills soon & ice my lip one more time before going to bed. I’m hoping overnight that my lip isn’t the size of Montana like it was yrs ago…that’s when I went to the ER to get it drained & then they scheduled an emergency appointment with my dentist the next day. I did read online what to do just in case that scenario should happen ( God I hope that doesn’t happen, it hurt a lot back then & I cried a ton), I want to be prepared. I can’t afford the ER, I’ve got no health insurance!

Well please wish me luck that I get in to fix this soon & don’t wake up with it huge & swollen like a grapefruit! Why do these things always happen to me? 😦 le sighs


2 comments on “Great Just Great

  • That sounds like it hurts! I dislike getting cavities and I think I know why now. I use Invisalign and I think I have to clean them a certain way and I just use toothpaste. I think it’s not cleaned properly, causing me cavities. I heard of a product sold at Walmart that I will get. But feel better soon! Go have it checked out quickly!

  • Oh this is “old” post that my kindle finally decided to post lol. Not sure why it was a draft that was there for like a long time but I just published it yesterday. I have now, still need to pay the final tooth problem ugh but it’ll wait for a little while till we’ve got the extra $. It was horrible but thankfully everything’s better now. 😀

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