Believe In Positivity

Published February 7, 2014 by sadistickitten

Things are starting to get better.  What do I mean?  Well the other day, Tony emailed me to say that his boss at his current job (the job that he changed from 6 months ago, but this time he’s in a different position) and he wants Tony to build a computer for him.  What is great is that Tony always has parts for the ready so this he will be making money off.  That is awesome, plus the parts that he needed to buy as well as order windows 7 found a coupon online as well as cheaper price than other sites that are out there.  This site is one we’ve never used but the reviews from their site over 1000 were great!

That means that things are looking up!  Tomorrow Tony works the afternoon till evening instead of the morning.  This will be better because he won’t have to work a double like he did the other week which drained him.  It took him awhile to feel better again and it’s why we didn’t schwallick till last night.  The poor man, but he gets to skate some so this helps him get back into shape again.  He wants to eat better (which he’s been doing) as well as work out.  But he doesn’t want to pay a huge amount to go skating which is his favorite thing to do so this works out best. I do miss when he’s gone, it’s now 6 days that I don’t see him which sux but it does bring extra money into the house which we really need right now.  It goes back to when he left his former job a week earlier than his current job was ready for him.  Which sux because that made us lose a lot of money.  We did put the phone bill down to $7 a month so we can still receive calls but making them it will cost us.  But we have our cells for that plus I found free talk app.  Which is basically an app for magic jack and I signed up a free account.  Now with my HD kindle fire I can actually use it because before I couldn’t.  It must be because of the skype that they added as a feature on it.

I have already called my mom and she was impressed with how it sounded.  The last time that I called her with it on Tony’s old phone she was like um it’s terrible.  Might have been the network but this time I’m using the wifi that’s from our landlord which is much more stable.  Before this, he had sprint which isn’t really a good network and an old blackberry phone to boot lol.  It was a super old version too so it’s not like the better ones that they have out now.  Even at his current work they have newer phones.  Tony got a galaxy s III which he’s been using to read some books that I put on there.  He was using my kindle but I’ve been using it a lot lately to do surveys, read emails, play apps, etc. it’s become my bff. I pretty much use it through the whole day and I even have been using it to apply to jobs which is very convenient. I’m often using it while watching a tv show so I can kill 2 birds with one stone.  never using watching tv to just watch it anymore.  I also write my letters (yes I still do hand written letters to my penpals, it’s a dying art).

Plus unlike before, Tony has finally decided to not have on every light in the whole place.  What I mean is that we got a ton of Xmas lites (don’t get me wrong I LOVE Xmas) and he’s been putting them all on at the same time which is great if you are mr money bags and have tons of money which we don’t have so now he’s lowered things and using the better lites. These don’t use up much electricity when you use them because they’re LCD or something?  I can’t remember but it helps to lower your bill I know that much.

My sis & I have been talking, ok I don’t mean calling each other (that would be awkward) through letters and I tried to text her but she won’t text me back.  I’m making a bigger effort than she is and she’s trying to use the excuse that their modem for their internet went down and she can’t get a new one because verizon won’t allow her to.  Bullshit, the last thing that verizon wants is for anyone to be without their service.  They send you one right away (just like our landlord had done when hers was acting up) because they don’t want to credit your account for any time that you might have lost.  It doesn’t make sense money wise for them. Besides it’s common sense that a place you get internet from would give you a brand new modem when your old one breaks down.  I mean come on now, think about that for a minute.  But whatever, my sister is filled with excuses and she’s such a huge liar.  But when we saw her for Xmas she was actually pretty nice and wasn’t like she used to be. Maybe her going crazy has changed her *shrugs* who knows?!

Well Tony’s home so I need to end this now and get food together.  later





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