Can’t sleep

Published February 5, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ugh, this craptastic day has turned into a craptastic night. After talking it over with the husband we decided to keep the phone so we cm receive calls but we get charged if we make them.  I can call out using magic Jack app or free talk app that I found put about a few yrs back. I couldn’t use it with my old kindle fire but not with the HD version, I can. So this turns my regular tablet a smart phone.  How cool is that?!  But with no monthly fee, combine that with the text app that’s free I have saved us a lot of $.

I did notify my pen pals about it, & one of them told me that they will be adding some stamps inside the next letter. Which is always nice and helpful. So things are looking up and they are getting better now that we have a game plan. We are also going to be saving on electricity too so that will help as well. Small changes turn I to big ones so sin e we can’t save on oil (other than talking them down on the price) we can save on our other expenses.

Feels better knowing that we have a game plan and will stick to it. I still want to head to petco to pick up the free cat food that I printed our from their site.  Ours doesn’t need replacing yet but it will in a few weeks. Last week, we got free cat litter because of a mission I did through smiley 360Ā° so we’re good on that. I got another sweepstakes win the other day, a serum from physician’s formula that helps & it can be used if I can’t buy a night cream because we need to cut costs.

We’re keeping the phone, apparently we can’t make calls but we can feet them and it won’t cost us. If I need to call out, I can do that on my app or use Tony’s work phone. Saving me minutes too on my cell. It will be like before, they call it’s free to us if we call out we get a fee. Keeps us from calling out. I don’t care I can still use my app to make calls and for my resume it won’t change I can keep it that number. No caller id though which sux big time but they will just have to leave their number that’s all. Screening calls and not many people call us anyways.

Well I’m gonna read since I can’t sleep and Tony’s snoring like crazy.

Nighty night all


4 comments on “Can’t sleep

  • Hey it’s Jen. I had to cut down on luxury too. I decided not to have DVr anymore. I’ve been staying up until 11 to see my shows… And I wake up by 5:30 a.m. So I’m exhausted all day. But it’s saving a lot. Demand has all the shows , well the majority of them. Sorry things are tough. I’m hoping some luck goes your way!

  • Hi Jen,

    We were going to get rid of the DVR but Tony said it’s only 20 a month & with his work schedule it makes more sense to keep it. Plus now that he’s working on Saturdays he doesn’t have as much as he had before. We decided to cut our phone bill to $7 instead of 70 and we’re using less electricity. What I’ve been trying to tell him along. šŸ™‚ Thanks soon it will be better I’ve already heard some good news, I’ll update soon

  • I wanted a DVR box and that was about $16 or something a month. I would love to tape my shows, but right now, I really need to cut things out. I started taking the bus and train to school and work. It has cut down a lot on my wearing of my car and gas. I dislike waiting and rushing to catch the next train and bus, but there’s nothing I can do. It is only a 30-40 minute drive, but going back and forth every day is going to ruin my car. My car isn’t so new anymore. It’s a 2005 Chevy and right now, it’s making noise that scares me. So, I just use the car to get to the train station that’s just 3 minutes from me by car. Cutting back is good and I hope it works for you. Glad you have good news! šŸ™‚

  • We get cable & internet from our landlord included in rent, if we cancelled it would be a big thing to get rid of it. Having to get the cable guy to come, maybe even the landlord w/her work schedule, etc. I don’t blame you, if I lived in a city I’d be using public transportation too. We recently had to upgrade to a newer car last yr, we got a toyota camry 2010 it’s older but it works good. Just need updated tires in the future for the winter weather. Our electricity went down from last month so that’s good.

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