Feeling Better

Published February 4, 2014 by sadistickitten

Ok update since last post, after thinking about it we can just cut some things from our budget. We’re getting rid of our phone because it’s too expensive.  I have a cell plus I found out that my kindle fire can use the talk free app or the magic Jack app for free. I downloaded it & it works great!  I already use it as a text app & now w/no monthly fee my fire is now a smart phone! 

We are also going to get rid of the dvr we get through the landlord. Most shows are on demand plus we can just watch a few online too if we need to. Unfortunately we might end losing some channels though but oh well. We get our cable& internet through our landlord so that’s a bill we don’t have to pay.

I’m still looking for work but still no one is calling. I put my cell on my resume already & my husband got a work phone that he can use to make calls so that works too.  He doesn’t pay for it might as well take advantage of it. Free is good!

I’ll make sure to keep the heat down too so we don’t have to pay for more oil again for awhile. I’m wearing 3 layers as it is & warm comfy pjs I’m ok with layering I did it all the time with my parents. A few bills have come on, but they can wait well ones for me but my credit ain’t gonna get any better so why bother trying. They can wait till we have extra cash to pay it or just pay half on it and send s letter telling them we can’t pay full amount right now.

So hopefully this will make things easier on us. I really hope so. Well I should get the supper ready & get the mail. Take care


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