My Parents Are Coming Down

Published February 2, 2014 by sadistickitten

Tomorrow is Tony’s birthday and my parents are coming down to visit us.  I haven’t told Tony because they asked me not to.  Plus I’m not entirely sure if they will actually make it either so why bother telling him.  After all, they aren’t entirely reliable either.  They said that they will be down around 10am but I’m not positive that they will be here then either.  Tony does need to go to burlington coat factory to get navy pants for work.

He now works at a new place and his first day today.  He said it was a lot of work but he could use the exercise and he gets to skate so he likes it.  What is funny is that, 2 people from the league we were in asked Tony if he would come back to ref.  He asked if a girl he doesn’t get along with (no one really does, & even one of them said it too) is still there.  Of course he said that to people now but back then he didn’t.

My parents said that they have a gift for Tony so that’s why they’re coming down.  I put on the stickers nail art so they look all pretty but they are falling off a bit now.  Which sort of sux because I like how they like.  Now I have to replace a sticker good thing that they give you 8 extra just in case.

Tony is playing pokah right now and I was reading my book but I took a break. I will end this here and get back to reading plus relaxing.  Take care all.


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