Confession Time

Published December 29, 2013 by sadistickitten

Ok I admit it, yrs ago when we were talking again, I called the cops on you.  I heard you had a warrant for your arrest so I called them anonymously and told them where to find out plus where you worked.

At the time, you were dating your whores and sleeping around like always. No we weren’t together and I was seeing your best friend..well sort of it was my first time meeting him actually. He was in military uniform looking like a cop and I love cops especially the uniform.

I was upset about how you treated me, how when we were “dating” (you can call it that if we never kissed, nor left my parents house?  God I sound pathetic but I was back then).  How you slept with other girls and you wee seen by the cops (who told my father by the way) with a 16 yr old her when you were way too old to be with her, it can be called rape and the cop warned you about that.

So after you had contacted me and your roommate was so very rude, I called the cops and told them where you were. Hey fair is fair!  I saw in your bags you left at my parents house (they were there for over a week!) That you had been chatting up some girls and even asked a bunch to go out with you.  Later I find out you proposed to one of them!  You asshole!!! 

I sound like I’m still mad bit I’m not.  You hurt me badly but that doesn’t mean I’m going to talk to you again. Then to make matters worse, you tried to break up me and my husband when you found me online (you became my stalker). You never seize to amaze me @ how low you will go! 

I’m happy where I’m at now, I love my life!  Sometimes I do admit to thinking of you or remembering a song that was about us, but that’s it.  I have no romantic feeling fir you anymore. Been a super long time since I felt that way about you. I’m not even upset about how you treated me as a girlfriend, I’m upset at you treated as a friend. That hurt worse & you broke my heart!  It took my husband, finding him and you will be shocked to know….I married the man I told you and everyone else that I would!  Told you so. We are meant to be and I knew it. 

But as a friend, I wish you happiness and love.  I’m sorry to say that I can’t be your friend anymore, we can’t talk because it only leads to more trouble with you. But know that t Times, I will be thinking of you and that I will always love you as a friend and sis.  You were right, we are better off as friends then lovers. You were a great brother to me, not always the best friend or boyfriend but when I needed you most, you were there for me. I miss that most of all. 

In closing, I just want to say that I love you brother and wish you well ❤ May you always be filled with and surrousded by those who love you.  Goodbye forever ❤


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