Why can’t you be more like her

Published November 20, 2013 by sadistickitten

All my life my parents have compared me to my sister. Whether it’s wanting more from me of my grades, friends, etc you name it. I figured when I grew up, things like that would change.

However, I was wrong!  First it was go to college like her, then it was find a man like her of course following that, get married like her and of course have a kid like her. Ugh, I’m nothing like my sis & I pride myself in it. 🙂 at I’ll let you know. 

I don’t want to be like my sister.  She’s rude, fake, obnoxious, & ugly. Being ugly isn’t her fault no more than me being the pretty one is mine. She was always book smart, meanwhile I have learning disabilities that make my life harder. But I get by.

My sister on the other hand, uses others like my parents to pay for things for her, her family etc. It’s not that I’m jealous my parents aren’t giving me that much attention, b/c I like being 2 hrs away for a reason. They can’t drop in @ the drop of a dime just b/c they want to see us. Now they must drive over an hour to see us. 

What I hate now is that she lost tons of weight in a short period of time & is now super skinny.  We’re talking anorexic skinny, not healthy looking @ all.  I saw a picture of her & almost fell over b/c she’s so darn small! 

My dad basically said that I should look like her!  He was telling me to work out more, walk around my drive way (it’s pretty big), eat more healthy foods, etc. I’m not fat far from that but I do have a big chest which makes people think I’m fat when I’m not.  I buy bigger clothes on my top to fit my chest in them but on the bottom I can fit smaller sizes.

Not saying I don’t need to lose some weight but who doesn’t?!  Even my dad could lose some weight too. But I’m not fat but comparing me to her now isn’t fair either. She’s lost a ton of weight in a short period of time, sorry but that’s not right nor healthy. Parents 😦


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