Good News and Bad!

Published November 9, 2013 by sadistickitten

Good news, I don’t have an abscess!  It’s just inflamed & swollen which she prescribed some prescription Advil or ibproperin stronger dose than OTC 3 x a day to bring down swelling & help w/pain. 

However, I will need it fixed asap so we’re calling on Monday am to get me an appointment. She’s not sure if I’ll need to get a root canal then a crown or the tooth pulled. Then get a fake one, really hope it’s the 1st. Not the 1st time I’ve had 1 before, had it 1st when I was little. 

But glad to know it’s not poisoning nor will I die any ‘re soon.  Word of advice, when you’re sick or have a front something is wrong EVERYTHING you will read online will tell you “you’re gonna die”.  I’m not kidding you!  I didn’t even go to webmd either just normal sites. But no matter what you type in, they will tell you “death may result” so be careful.  Thanks for the warnings.

Oh & never ever do this a few hrs before bed because if you’re like me & a bit of a worry wart you will not get much sleep & pretty much freak out all night long having terribly vivid dreams that can only be described as nightmares bothering you all night ling.  Oh & to top it off, have your parents come down that weekend as well. And it’s the 1 weekend that I’ve actually got plans where I’m seeing people I haven’t seen in over a yr tonight. Are you kidding me?!  My luck huh?!  But it’s better than it being an abscess right?!  So not all bad luck for me. 

Well I should relax & stay calm, maybe even take a cat nap because I’m getting tired. Draining past few days for me d a busy weekend ahead of me.

Hoping the rest of my weekend is good!


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