Update on my life

Published October 24, 2013 by sadistickitten

Since quitting my job, (because I was being bullied) I’ve been doing a lot of things around the house.  You know that to do list that you swore you would do if you ever got the time?  Well that’s what I’ve been doing. I got a lot of it done but I’m still working on the rest, have 1/2 a notebook page to go. 

How am I doing mentally?!  You know after being bullied?  Well I’m better, I’m getting my confidence back but now I’m just frustrated about no calls, emails or replies to all the job applications I filled out. I know, give it time it’s only Ben a few weeks & there’s not a ton out there right now.  Just sux that you put yourself out there & no one bothers to listen. 

I’ve updated my resume, changed a few things, specialized each cover letter to go with each job I apply for but nothing!  I’m not giving up just yet but I’m just disappointed. Guess it’s a good thing that my husband works full time or else we would be screwed. I’m of letting the stress get to me too because now I’ve developed a rash on my neck that’s red & irritated.  I searched online & found out it could stress related or an allergic reaction to something. I’m still trying to figure out what that exactly is. Instead of it being dry, now it’s huge & red!  😦 Good thing no one’s calling for interviews because I’m pretty sure no one wants to see my blotchy, red irritated skin. It looks like I’m wearing a red chocker or a collar. 

My roots could also use a refresh too, they’re showing more blonde than I care to.  I’m a natural dirty blonde but I dye it black.  People who have seen me with the black hair swear it’s natural, that’s how good it looks on me.  I didn’t want it that color till my husband ( @ the time boyfriend) convinced me it would look good.  Ever since, I haven’t had it any other shade of color.  Well other than various colors of black that is.  Didn’t even know black came in so m as my different colors before. My grandmother loves my hair color black, however my dad isn’t a fan. He complains about it ever time I see him. Luckily for me, I don’t see him much. He lives further away from us so that’s nice. 

My husband got a job, which I’m happy about because we need to pay the bills however, I miss him @ night & he loathes more than his last job 😦  I feel so bad for him. I wish that I could fix it for him but sadly I can’t. His former boss keeps telling him he’ll be able to hire him back just as soon as he does this or that, yet we’re still waiting & it’s been months now!  He would be in another position but same pay. I’m hoping that maybe he’ll get word soon so he doesn’t have such horrible nights anymore but no such luck. I really want to work @ a job that’s during the day & no 2nd shift that’s just draining to me but if I want to see my husband that’s the only way.

Our cats are good, I was product testing a new cat food but I think it’s making one of our cats sick. Ironically, it says gentle formula & helps stop puking.  It’s not a hairball issue because this is food I’m seeing & no hair. It’s only 1 cat because he’s super picky!  At least it’s not both cats, so that’s good right?!

Yesterday, I baked brownies & chocolate chip muffins which I frozen some of as well as chocolate chip cookies because I’d rather get that cooked now while I’ve got the time.  I also washed all the smaller blankets since my husband washed all the bigger ones plus comforters last month.  I still to bake a cake for my birthday in a few months so it’s done ahead of time.  But I did take care of the cats claws today too so I’m not totally lazy. They still need a bath @ the end of the month plus brushing to prevent matted fur but for now they’re good.

This will be ‘re 1st year in awhile that we won’t be going out for Halloween & I was actually looking forward to it.  Figures doesn’t it?!  It’s my own fault, I tend to do that to myself often. Get my hopes up for no reason.

Well I should end this here & get ready for bed then read my book to relax. Nighty night all


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