Real 1st day

Published August 28, 2013 by sadistickitten

Today was my 1st day really b/c yesterday we left early & the server wasn’t working. I played musical chai today, I moved a few times which is fine w/me b/c I prefer being there than having people walk by staring @me.

What’s great is that everyone there is so nice. Well I did accidentally open a microwave that someone was using 😦 I did do some stupid things but I’m new so hey that stuff will happen. I got data entry pretty quickly but I made a few mistakes & of course the system plus software screwed up on a few times. But I got practice going back in.

The lights flickered a few times & once it kicked me out, huge error message so I just had to log in again. Tomorrow we have a real one to do, tests were today. Tomorrow I need to focus more.

We got 2 breaks which I never had before & a lunch break. Which was cool b/c when I needed a break, I got one. And we don’t have to ask to go pee which is nice. We can have water all day plus snacks & hot cocoa if I want sweet or hot tea!!  It’s nice not to have a joke where u r cleaning, u r actually a valuable member of a team. 

Took a taxi home today & will have to tomorrow plus Thursday. It wasn’t so bad & this guy knew where he was going, plus he was nice! Hope I get him tomorrow. I’ll give him change next time, this time I had none to give. He can keep my 30. Hubby only gave me enough for fare.

Took care of my lunch for tomorrow, showered, made supper for tomorrow, loaded dishwasher, took care of cats, checked emails, did surveys, and now I’m gonna play for a little while relax reading before bed.

Night all


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