Wow Just Saw This….

Published December 15, 2008 by sadistickitten

Yahoo! front page had this up as one of the videoes:

.."over half a million people still without power" god I'm SOOO very lucky! What also is scary, we've got freezing rain AGAIN coming for Friday:

Dec 19


Light Rain / Freezing Rain
Light Rain / Freezing Rain





ANOTHER wintry mix hitting our area Sunday:


Dec 21


Wintry Mix
Wintry Mix





God, I hope that it doesn't come in as a wintry mix I hope it's ALL snow!!  I STILL haven't heard from my parents if they're ok or not.  If I don't hear by Wednesday I'm going to find out if someone knows what's up.  I fear they're at my sis' house in that case hell will have to freeze over for me to call there!

by sweet:



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