Non-Stop Busy Week

Published November 25, 2008 by sadistickitten

Wow, it's been almost 3 weeks since I've done a full update guess that shows that I should update huh?  The last real update was November 13th so I guess I should update about my busy ass life.

Tony's friends came last weekend to play poker and hang out.  I wasn't feeling like playing poker so I wrote to my penpals instead which I'd rather do instead.  I got a lot done while they were playing and they didn't even mind so that's nice.  Plus they were busy playing so they couldn't care less what I was doing.   They were too busy trying to win while playing poker, unfortunately Tony didn't win this time 😦 oh well can't win all the time.

Got my game in last week, "Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams" for my NDS.  I LOVE it!!  It's meant for little kids but I enjoyed it a lot.  What's funny is that some of the mini games that they have I had issues with because of my comprehension I had to do them several times to get it but I did get it.  I think I was getting too frustrated about not getting it right the first time and I screwed myself over that way or I would've gotten them done sooner.

Went to Target and I got a bunch of sweetkisses13 gifts while I was there and I sent out her package last week too.  It should get to her by next week or so, I hope so he said 9 to 12 days.  That's why I sent it earlier because I want it there for christmas so hopefully her stuff gets there soon PLEASE I hope that it does.  I did UPS last year but it was far too expensive to do that again this year especially with $ being tight as it is.  I also found some cute things for myself, I couldn't help myself.

Had my period last week (it's mostly gone now it's not totally but it's slowed down a lot) and it was causing me to be soo freaking tired.  I mean I'd be on my computer for like a half an hour (if that) and I'd get tired and I didn't feel like doing much.  I mainly played my HK game and wrote letters.  I'm all done with my letters (I know, I didn't update that but if you want to know if I got your letter, just ask because all of them were sent out). 

Bought a BUNCH of stamps, the big one because I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of stamps for my christmas card list.  I know that there are a LOT less family members/friends that I won't be sending cards to (want to know why, check the christmas meme as most of my family members are now against me because of the issue so stupid) so that helps out a lot!  🙂 I bought more stamps then I'll need but I split the cost with Tony so that way it's not too bad for either of us.

Got a new tree Friday after I broke our other one.  We have a storage area (it's where someone would have a big closet or a garage) that's just outside our apartment (the back entrance that no one uses) and our landlord put TONS of shit in the way (in the way to walk in the walk way nice huh?) were you practically fall all over yourself because of it.  Anyhoo, I caught my foot on their shit and I cracked the bottom of the stand against the wall wtf.  Of course after that it would really stand very well and wouldn't take much of anything to hold an ornaments.  Fuck, seriously why do I have to do that shit?  I'm all upset and mad that I broke it because now we have to replace it with a new one.

Tony woke up (he took a nap) and he goes what's wrong?  I'm like well I accidently broke the bottom of the tree leg.  He was all calm and fine, he didn't care.  We've had the thing for over 6 years now so that's good right?  I mean it was a nice tree and I loved it.  It got the job done.  Anyhoo, I told him that I wanted to put the tree up TONIGHT (Friday) and he was like ok well we'll go out to Walmart to get another and if they don't have anything then we'll check out Target.

Got to Walmart and we walked around in the christmas section (was trying to find an advent calendar for my parents: long story.  If anyone knows where I can find one PLEASE tell me it's important) and I was loving it. All the tree light up, all the decorations, everything I was in heavan (which is what I imagine my heaven would look like well that and HK of course).  I love walking through christmas sections they make my day.  So after seeing all the trees and what not, I was feeling much better about breaking the other one.  Besides, we gave it to good will because it can be used but just as long as you are careful with it.  Who knows, someone might be able to even fix it and we will be giving away some ornaments that we no longer need because of our new tree.

After looking around for awhile, Tony wanted this short tree (we're talking 3 or 4 feet tall) it was prelit which is nice but I didn't like the look of it.  It looked like something that you have out for 4 of july it was a horrid color too.  I saw the one that we got and I fell in LOVE with it.  It's black with white lights (doesn't it sound pretty?) and it was more expensive 5 feet tall but I love it.  It's our height too (we're only 5' 1" or 2" depending on what I'm wearing *hee hee*) which I like a lot better.  Plus our apartment is rather small (not compared to some that we've seen but smaller than a house) so we can't have a big one like we had.  It fits nicely next to the fridge too!!  I was worried that we wouldn't have be able to put the tree up anywhere because we had no room.  Now it's perfect so my mistake was a good thing ^_^ YAYness.   We can't fit a lot of ornaments on there this time but that's ok, I fit all my HK ones 😉 that's all I care about and a few others.  Mostly HK though.




I have a few freebies that I've made right now that are for christmas, I'll be posting them really soon just haven't done it because I've been so tired with my period kicking my ass.  I think that I'm also getting my cold back which I don't like at all that's really pissing me off a lot.  I don't want my cold back I hated it when I had it but unfortunately new england can't make up its fuckin' mind about the weather.  It's eiter 60s or it's down to 20s and with the wind chill that we're getting lately it's freakin' freezing outside.  Plus to add insult to injury, we've got at night 12 degrees so when we went out the other night I thought that I was going to die from being so darn cold.  I love cold weather but this is ridiculous with the damn wind, I'm getting chapped lips and everything.  Doesn't help my raynaurds disease/poor circulation either.

Yesterday, I read my "other boleyn girl" book all day (taking short breaks I might add to eat and what not) which I am now down to 200 pages if not less.  I am SO happy about this because now I can read "Twilight" by this week.  I plan to try to finish my current book before Thanksgiving later this week.  Can you believe that it's THIS week?!  WoW, I'm shocked where the hell did November go?!  I have tons of stuff to do this week, at least 10 things that I need to make/cook/bake etc. for thanksgiving/friday.  So if I am not around much at all, that is the reason.  I might take a short hiatus till after thanksgiving because I don't have the time to be around too much.  I might update on here but I won't be able to do much of anything else.  

Talked with my mom about thanksgiving and my dad bringing stuff over and apparently she's sick so she's not sure if she'll be able to come over or that she'll even be able to eat anything.  She said that she will hope to be ok because she can't keep anything down.  We bought groceries for thanksgiving ahead of time to avoid the crowds because I need to get stuff done early.  I can't wait to make stuff though, it's going to be fun.  

Well "true blood" is on so I'll let you go.  Take care all.  Dec 7 only 2 weeks till my birthday!!!!!!!

PS: Yesterday, I baked like crazy!  I made the cupcakes and the sugar cookies (BOTH from scratch I might add) as well as did the laundry.  Finished all my christmas cards that I needed to do, so I'm glad about that and today we're going to mail them out.  Today I got to cook the rest of the food then work on getting stuff done around the house for Thursday/Friday.  I'll update more about my day in a real update for today.

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