I'm soo strange

Published November 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

*this does not mean you can go ahead and diss me or ANYONE else's believes on God or anything else.  I respect others that believe in God, or whatever you do believe.  This is just to talk about christmas music!*

I am not a catholic person anymore, I used to be due to parents THROWING it on me making me go to church.  I kind of believed but I lost my faith long ago.  Not trying to get into religion, my point is that during Christmas is the ONLY time of the year (well whenever I listen to christmas music) that I listen to songs about god.  Isn't that odd to you?!  I think it is but I've talked with others that feel the same way, they think it's funny that they only listen to "god songs" whenever it's christmas time.  I just found that odd that's all. 

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