Closed Minded Assholes

Published November 16, 2008 by sadistickitten

I'm doing a friends cut soon, I've come to the decision that some people just aren't working out for me. I am sorry if you feel that I deleted you for wrong reasons or what not but I am truly sick and irritated over things. I do NOT appreciate closed minded people who are hypocrites. You talk about others yet you go on and on about how you can't stand these people yet ARE one of these people. I am sorry, you aren't the type of person that I want on my list any longer. I thought maybe that you'd change, that you'd be a better person but truly I have found out that you are a horrible person on the inside.

Or why would you say such horrible things about people? About black people, about fat people, who cares what a person looks, talks, eats, walks like? They're ALL people! You truly do disgust me. You speak of tolerance and then you wonder why others are offended and annoyed by what you say. Gee, let me think is it because you are a closed minded bitch who's a horrible person inside? Not only that but how you can preach to someone that they shouldn't have kids out of wedlock when you are having sex BEFORE marriage?! That makes you a hypocrite! If you do not know what that means, LOOK IT UP! Even if you are engaged that doesn't make it right, it's still OUT OF WEDLOCK! Until you have that ring on your finger it's still OUT OF WEDLOCK! You are truly a mother fuckin' cunt, have a nice stupid ass life bitch!

This is NOT towards anyone who's on my current list right now. I needed to vent to get it out. I apologize to anyone if any of my words might've hurt you, it was not my intention. I have dislikes in my journal in my user info and this person didn't read my user info to find out that we wouldn't indeed work out because they are ALL those things I said that I don't like. I am sorry to cut anyone and I hate to do so but I am sick to death of dealing with this person any longer.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

by: me


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