Great Mail Days Rock!

Published November 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

I know it's been awhile since I've written about the whole job thing, there's a reason for that.  It's now Thursday and he was supposed to call on Wednesday in the AM to tell me what the offer was.  Looks like the call that I made annoyed him a lot and he decided to not to call me back and he is going with someone else who apparentely doesn't give a shit if they get the job or not.  Many of you gave wonderfully helpful advice on what I should do.  The advice was pretty much tied on what you thought I should do, either call or not today.  In the end, I decided not to call today.  Why?  Didn't tell you this the other day but he made it pretty crystal clear that I was NOT to call.  He said "will call you tomorrow in the morning."  So I decided to just write it off as not getting the job. 

I was upset at first that I didn't get it but you know what, if he wants to have losers that aren't going to care if they got the job, that aren't going to show up on time, don't bother to even show up for the right time when it comes to their interview time, then fine let him get screwed.  I think another reason why I didn't get hired is that a lot of them are spanish and I can't speak one bit (even the one hiring people & his assistant) of it.  He most likely figured that I wouldn't be able to speak it and decided to go with a person who can speak it.  Oh well, no biggie.  If he called now, I think I'd even say no because I don't appreciate his attitude when I called.  He didn't need to be such an asshole.  Maybe I did annoy him, but you know what at least I show some interest.  Just because I annoyed him doesn't give him the right to be mean to me.  That doesn't give a potential employee a good impression of the place and not only that but it's not the type of image you want the PUBLIC to have about a business either.  If others ask me about that place, I'll tell them NOT to go there because they are unorganized, and treat potential employees like shit.  Fuck him.  Sorry I'm just annoyed about it, but like I said I'm not depressed just disappointed.

Alright, now all that nasty stuff out of the way….

Yesterday, I went to Toys R Us because I wanted to get HK christmas wrapping paper (like last year) but unfortunately they were either out of it or they were out of stock.  That was annoying to say the least!!  But I did find some HK wrapping paper that I can use for  's gift.  I'm going to wrap her gifts soon so I can send them out USPS (too expensive to ship UPS this year, sorry hun) and make sure it gets there before Christmas time.  While I was there, I also got a few gifts for her too!!  They didn't have the HK christmas doll that I was hoping that I'd get too bad. 

Speaking of christmas shopping, I'm all done Jessica's, and my mom's as for my dad well….I have NO clue what to get him.  I'm at a loss so I might end up just giving him either a gift card or just give him some money.  I hate doing that but I don't know what to get him.  He likes Red Sox, Nascar, and I'm sure I could find something at for him but I don't want to keep going there every time I want to buy him something.  I'd rather go to a real store and look around, but I'm not sure I'll find something that he'll like.  I might have to call my mom and see what he wants or what she thinks that I should get him. 

Mail day today was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I got a letter today YAY, as well as a bunch of packages (no wonder the mailman hates me).  In one package there was: steamfresh ziplock bags with a full sized air freshener with coupons.  The second package has gift items for people so I can't mention what it is because it'll give it away for the other person who's getting something *wink* and the third package was "Eclipse" book that I ordered with my points.  I haven't read "Twilight" yet (after "other boleyn girl" I will start it) but I wanted to use my points before everyone and their uncle gets the books and I'm out of luck since they're all sold out.  It already happened with the first book, so it's a good idea that I did get them now.  Now all I have to do is get "breaking dawn" and the last one but I plan on waiting till they are mass market books.  I was going to use my gift card that I got (with my points from another site) for B&N but I decided that I have plenty of books and my mom would like it much more.  ^_^ 

Tony's getting things still going with his new site.  We aren't getting any investment yet but at least things are starting with it.  That's a lot better than they were before.  I just hope that things progress further than they are right now because we could really use the money.  These are people that money is NO object (WOW I would love that, I got to tell you).  I can't say too much because it's all confidental just know that things are getting better.  Plus, I'd rather have me not get the job (the money would help right now not saying it wouldn't but if I had to chose) and he gets money for his site.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Well that's about it.  I'm going to read in bed while Tony watches his stupid show since I am really getting sick of it the show.  I need a half an hour to read before I go to bed or I can't sleep.  Take care all and have a good rest of the week and weekend.

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