Job Offer Today?!

Published November 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today was the day when I was supposed to hear from the job and get an offer. I hadn't heard at all and decided to call him back around 2:40pmish. I was going to call at 3pm but I had to take a shower and put the rest of the clothes away. I should've waited but I figured it was only about 10 minutes from the time when I was going to call. Who's to say that he would have been different or that he would've even been there then.

I had in all rights to call today since he said the LATEST he would call would be today. I mean it's almost the end of the day so I had all rights to call to check in with him if he had the offer ready yet. I don't feel that I did anything wrong in this matter. I just caught him at a bad time.

What do I mean? When I called him a few minutes ago (while sorting my laundry) he sounded very irritated and annoyed with me. I don't know if it's because I caught him at a bad time or that everyone's calling asking about their offers but I'm afraid that I might lose the job because of this.

Has anyone had a boss that was less than happy to talk with you on the phone then got the job in the end? I don't think that it's a good start. If I only hadn't said my name, now he's going to write down that I called and annoyed him. I had all right to call, I mean how was I supposed to know that there are still a few applicants that he hasn't interviewed? After all, he said they'd be all done by Tuesday. He did seem kind of organized when we talked but maybe I'm wrong. The whole place seemed so disorganized that I wanted to help organize their desks, their files, etc. Because their receptionist wasn't doing her job, she's supposed to have things in order and not chaos like it was.

Anyways, he said he'd get back to me tomorrow morning the lastest. Why does he keep saying that if it's not true? Just tell me I'll try to call you tomorrow. I have a feeling that I caught him at a bad time and I lost the job. I'm disappointed but not upset. If I don't get the job, that just means a better one is out there for me. There's always a good to a bad.

Opinions?  Do you think that I screwed my chances by calling?  I don't see as that way but I was told by others that I did come across as badgering.  What do you think? 

Thanks for advice.

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