Rest Of My Day Yesterday

Published November 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

Since I get really nervous before an interview, I can't eat breakfast so I was starving by the end of the interview.  Afterwards, I took Tony out to Friendlys (mistake, too many screaming children and none of the parents were watching their kids so they were running around the place like it was a playground.  Besides aren't kids supposed to be in school at noontime?  These were old enough to be in school) for lunch.  We shared an ice cream awe I love that (it came free with the meal and a soda).  The lady had to see my ID (new policy) and she goes "you look good as a blonde as well as this color" apparently she doesn't look as a blonde.  This might sound lame to you but I appreciated the compliment especially since I was a ball of nerves earlier it was nice to hear something positive and nice.

Then we headed off to Petco because we had to get food for Princess soon and we were already out in that area why not get it then didn't make sense to waste gas and go out when we did need it you know?  We have to get the expensive Hills Science Diet oral care because she had issues with her teeth last time that we went to the vets.  While we were there, I decided to buy Princess her first ever (christmas stocking) cat teaser.  She loves it, she likes playing with it and it's awesome.   This way I don't get scratched up when I try to play with her anymore.  Plus, she gets much more active too.  YAY, normally she only likes free things like boxes & shipping stuff.   

Came back home and used my computer only to find out that my period button on my keyboard doesn't work so I had to hit it over and over again which caused me to hurt my finger from hitting tons of times on my keyboard.  Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and headed off to Staples to pick up a new erganomic one.  Which was rather expensive but compared to getting carpal tunnel, I think that outweights it and the amount of time that I spend on my computer it's well worth it to me.  I also picked up some pens while I was there but she didn't scan them and when I got home I realized that I got them for free.  Not my fault, I figured that was the amount with tax included for the keyboard and pens.  I wasn't paying too much attention when she was ringing it up because I was talking with Tony and putting my card through.  Before heading to Staples, went to the grocery store to pick up things since Tony's friends are coming over later on today we needed things for the house.  We have to stock the house when they come over.  Even if when we go over their places they don't have stuff out but we don't have to be like them. 

What I hate is that now they have to ask for your credit card (when paying with it) to check to see if your signature is yours (I really don't mind that) but they also ask to see your ID.  Not that I hate my pic, it's not a good pic of me but still it's better than I've seen of others.  But I don't see why they have to ask for your ID when you give them your cc.  I mean after all, you can tell from your cc and the signature that you give them that it's you.  Why ask for the ID too?  Does that make any sense?  I mean after all, I'm not buying alcohol.  I understand about the whole fraud thing going around but why see the ID?  All you need is my cc, to verify that yes that is my signature (I have a crappy one, after x amount of years writing your last name one way then getting married you don't really get a chance to figure out how you want to write it). 

Maybe I'm the only one that they ask to see my ID or I'm the only one that sees a problem with it but I personally think it's rather rude to ask for your ID when you already give them your cc.   My feeling, you don't need to know what age I am when I use my cc, I'm over 18 or I wouldn't be able to get a cc in the first place.  What pisses me off is when they look at your ID then back at your face and back then forth again.  It's like, hello if you're JUST checking my signature asshole you do NOT need to keep looking at my face.  There's not pic on my cc so no need to check to verify that's my face.  After all, I have that type of face that one doesn't forget no matter what shade of hair I have (all my HS friends tell me this).

Decided to go to bed early last night because we both didn't get much sleep the night before and we were both tired.  I didn't get much sleep last night, I still kept thinking about the job and what he might offer.  I hope that he offers a good amount with decent hours if not then I'll have to turn him down.  I mean yes I shouldn't complain because other people are looking for jobs and all but like I said I can't take it if it's less hours than I'm looking for with the drive to the place.  It takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to get there.  So I can't go ahead and take few hours when I need to have a certain amount and if they give me a bit over minimum wage because it needs to be at least 10 or more to make it worth my wild.  In the end, I make the final decision depending on what they say.  I'm going to take some time to think about it, talk about it with Tony after I hear from him then I'll call him back to tell him my answer.   

I'll write  letter and I already finished Jackie's letter it'll go out in a little while I'm starting her letter instead of filling requests since I can't get peace since Tony's watching Aliens on his computer and his shitty speakers don't make it so you can't hear it through the speakers and I can hear the fuckin' movie and I'm not even watching it.  God, that's so lame!  If you make a spot for headphones to go in through the speakers, at least make it so I can't hear every fuckin' word!  Mine don't work that way, mine blocks out the speakers if you plug in headphones to them.  That's how it should be, not lame as ones that Tony got.

PS: I haven't heard anything from Sanrio about the HK game that I ordered Big Dreams but if they want ANYTHING for shipping I'll say fuck them and go with Amazon because that way I don't pay shipping.  I got a discount for 24.99 with my kitty points but if they want extra to pay shipping well it might be cheaper to go with Amazon since I'll get free shipping and all.  If it's only 3 dollars then that's fine because then I can go ahead and buy it through Amazon since it'll be the same and I'll get it quicker.  Should've went with them in the first place.

Take care all, have a good weekend.

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